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Download Movie American Pie 2After their first year at college, the guys reunite for another summer of fun. Jim continues his quest for sexual independence by seeking the help of his old prom date, Michele, after an unexpected call from Nadia who plans to visit Jim. Meanwhile, Kev and Vicky find themselves in an awkward situation after having broken up for a year. Oz must deal with a long distance relationship when Heather heads off to France to study abroad. Old feuds die hard as the ever-so-horny Stifler harbors his hatred toward Finch, who is practicing the Hindu practice of Tantra.


Jason Biggs as Jim Levenstein
Shannon Elizabeth as Nadia
Alyson Hannigan as Michelle Flaherty
Chris Klein as Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher
Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin Myers
Natasha Lyonne as Jessica
Tara Reid as Vicky Lathum
Seann William Scott as Steve Stifler
Mena Suvari as Heather
Eddie Kaye Thomas as Paul Finch
Chris Owen as Chuck Sherman
Eugene Levy as Jim's Dad
Molly Cheek as Jim's Mom
Denise Faye as Danielle
Lisa Arturo as Amber
James B. Rogers

Well here we are, to return more of the same antics we got to americas
Pie. There may be a feeling that we've seen this before, but all somehow
American Pie 2 really works. All the characters we know and love (or hate
) from the original are back and being constantly put in situations
outrageous that inspire anti-gut laughs. Even though we
ago largely the same territory, is the sequel
more coherent and explosively funny as the original. What
could easily have been a useless, unnecessary sequel actually gets
something fresh, fun and attractive.

As with the original character Jason Biggs Jim is the glue
holding the film together. Everything revolves around him in one way or another
. Where the original film of each of the main male characters
comes with its own romantic history on this occasion Jim
takes center stage. Most of the female characters have been shunted aside
here with Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari and Natasha Lyonne
be mere bit players. His absence does not hurt at all and
can really help make the story more focused. This is all about
boys with friends Jim and renting a summer home after
its first year of college. Back for more hilarity are Chris Klein as Oz,
Eddie Kaye Thomas as the increasingly strange Finch and Thomas Ian Nicholas
comparatively dull as Kevin. And although none of the
others like him the script finds a way to get contrived to
Seann William Scott's juvenile, vulgar, obnoxious Stifler thrown into the mix. Where
the other kids could go to the edge of what is appropriate is Stifler
carenar always willing to go over the edge and his antics are a hoot.

If you thought nothing could be more embarrassing what happened to
Jim in the original movie, just wait. And to increase along the
shame is the father of Jim, wonderfully played by Eugene Levy, who
to try to help, inevitably, only makes things worse. And
women in the original actually had an important role here,
Alysson Hannigan as Michelle, also does a great job. Oh, the things
crazy to go to camp la banda. With a lot of people moving from one family
hilarious situation to the next, all backed by a banda sonora winner, American Pie 2
that have achieved and even surpassing the original.
To make things blunt, I laughed my ass off. I went and saw the movie
downtown Seattle the night was opened at Cineplex in Ode
twelve o'clock ... that is the best people I have ever seen a movie with. Could
is usually tell what was coming, but I was still shocked when
actually happened. I'm usually pretty conservative when it comes to movies, but the
American Pie films have been two of my favorite movies ever. The second film
takes over at the end of the first year of college. The first scene
can be discovered by seeing the previews, but there are still a lot of
surprises at the movies.

There are a lot of big scenes in the game of Stifler, and I was surprised
see that not only were the main characters back, but most of the characters were
again as and (remember the two guys with the MILF
scene ?.... that the second film as well). Even Stifler's brother is
in the film.

The film is quite shocking, but still very fun, I think my favorite part
Petey involved. I think everyone needs to see this movie, since
high school seniors and their ... intended to be a classic.

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