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(drama, thriller)
Download Movie DisclosureWith his company about to merge, a happily married and successful computer expert is expecting a promotion. Instead the job goes to a woman from another plant with whom he had an affair in his bachelor days. His new boss, not only dangerously sexy but equally dangerously ambitious, tries to pick up where they left off but he just about manages to resist. As his position at work comes under increasing pressure he decides to file charges of sexual harassment. This is the last thing the company needs.


David Baker as
Michael Douglas as Tom Sanders
Demi Moore as Meredith Johnson
Donald Sutherland as Bob Garvin
Caroline Goodall as Susan Hendler
Roma Maffia as Catherine Alvarez
Dylan Baker as Philip Blackburn
Rosemary Forsyth as Stephanie Kaplan
Dennis Miller as Mark Lewyn
Suzie Plakson as Mary Anne Hunter
Nicholas Sadler as Don Cherry
Jacqueline Kim as Cindy Chang
Joe Urla as John Conley Jr
Michael Chieffo as Stephen Chase
Joseph Attanasio as Furillo
Faryn Einhorn as Eliza Sanders
Barry Levinson

This is a good drama with an excellent cast of characters.
The story revolves around Michael Douglas, who plays a division head in a high-tech
company in Seattle that is undergoing a merger. Demi Moore plays his old girlfriend
, an aggressive corporate executive, who comes in and arrebata
away promoting job was to count, then do not seduce him after
hours, files a false harassment sex with the company in order to get rid of him

Interestingly, although the story revolves around Michael Douglas
's plight, is the woman who set in motion the events and helping resolve the protagonist
The problem he has submitted. Empowering women is
the main theme of this movie.

Demi Moore receives perhaps his best ever film role playing sexual predators
Michael Douglas to the easygoing middle-level manager. She knows how to play the game
corporate much better than him, and he quickly
boxes in a dicey situation. How do you explain a guy who was his head that women affected
in him and not vice versa as it says? Demi Moore controls
situation during most of the film, and the villain played so well that the viewer actually enjoys
when she finally gets his comeuppance.

Roma Maffia does an excellent job playing Michael Douglas counsel. He is
lost in how to respond to the charges of sexual harassment and how to
keep their jobs, and that the force takes over his defense and
steers him toward a satisfactory solution. She also understands how the game is played and
with her nerve when the company comes after his client.

Caroline Goodall plays Michael Douglas and his wife
presents a perfect combination of anger and support, while resolves the charges against him.
A lawyer herself, she understands the situation of her husband has been involved in
much better than he does, and is there for him as an adviser,

Rosemary Forsyth plays another woman executive in the company, without giving away the plot
, Michael Douglas mentors through their dilemma. She is
intelligent, but calm and principles, and indeed it is, not Douglas, who
finally gets the promotion to head of the company.

Although Michael Douglas is the protagonist and eventually exceeds
the crisis facing his character is basically weak in the film. He is
without worries and little at first, assuming that promoting employment is its
because he is done a good job for the company, and is completely Blindside
when a woman takes it away from him and then endangers his career and his marriage
. Douglas finally takes over and with a large amount of foreign aid and
some improbable plot twists are the top, but in the world Cutthroat
of corporate intrigue, is the little fish who gets lucky and nothing outside

Donald Sutherland hands in his usual good performance as president of the company
. Dennis Miller plays a computer geek working for Michael Douglas and
has some humorous moments, but suddenly becomes unpleasant
in the middle of the film and then just disappears. Dylan Baker plays a sort of
Mr Smithers kind of character to Donald Sutherland's Monty Burns, and
is only enough to make it outrageous hatred, which is a good sign of a performance well done

There are some plot twists that offend the senses of the viewer and things are wrapped
just a little too well, but ultimately, this is pretty good
entertainment from start to finish. The film touches important issues,
sexual harassment in the workplace, and makes it more interesting by fazer women the aggressor and the victim man. Not surprisingly, I realized that
women gave this movie a higher average rating made by the
Sexual harassment rises to new concepts in this film based bind
's novel of the same title by Michael Chricton.

Tom Sanders (Michael Douglas) is psyched up about his promotion to Digicom.
But, as he arrives at work that morning, he discovers that the promotion
never happened, but the position of Vice President was given to a woman.
Of course, its not just any woman, her Meredith Johnson (Demi Moore), a woman
of its past. Sanders reveals that once was a whirlwind romance with Meredith
, but parted ways and came to Seattle, married and started a family
. Now, she wants nothing more than to rekindle their romance,
Sanders does not want that. One hour after the meeting takes Meredith
crying sexual harassment, claiming that Sanders was actually
harassed. Now, Sanders must be able to push past their power and status
to show people what it really is Meredith.

This was a great movie, based on a novel unbelievable. Douglas as Tom Sanders
is what I expected, middle-aged with a family, with success. However, the novel
Meredith Johnson described as blonde, while Demi Moore was not what I really
pictured. However, his performance as "Super-Bitch" Meredith is
convincing. She makes her hatred, no matter how much you like the
characters who played in other movies.

The part where Sanders struggled with Johnson in his office
is extremely graphic. My mother predicted that I cover my eyes, but I was very
fascinated with it. In the book, this scenario is very long,
about 15 pages.

In conclusion, I thought: "Revelation" was very well done film with a great
cast. Performances of Moore and Douglas were great, with good support
cast to back them up. It is a good understanding of the American Legal System
and sexual harassment, and demonstrates that sexual harassment in the works
two levels. Sex is truly power, and if you have one, you have it, and if not
... Well, you'll have to work hard to prove yourself.
I highly recommend seeing this film, but read the novel as well as a film.
not be disappointed.

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