Flight of the Phoenix

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(action, adventure)
Download Movie Flight of the PhoenixA group of air crash survivors are stranded in the Mongolian desert with no chance of rescue. Facing a brutal environment, dwindling resources, and an attack by desert smugglers, they realize their only hope is doing the impossible... building a new plane from the wreckage of the old one.


Dennis Quaid as Frank Towns
Tyrese Gibson as A.J.
Giovanni Ribisi as Elliott
Miranda Otto as Kelly
Tony Curran as Rodney
Sticky Fingaz as Jeremy
Jacob Vargas as Sammi
Hugh Laurie as Ian
Scott Michael Campbell as Liddle
Kevork Malikyan as Rady
Jared Padalecki as Davis
Paul Ditchfield as Dr. Gerber
Martin Hindy as Newman
Bob Brown as Kyle
Anthony Wong as Lead Smuggler
John Moore

Here are just a couple of things that make no sense ...

1. They fly a mine site in Mongolia (Gobi desert - frozen
high altitude wasteland). However, in a clash hot desert sand that is
more or less as the Sahara, where everyone is running around in short sleeves
. How does that happen? It flew from Central Asia to Africa? The Gobi
won only 40 degrees warmer with a pile of sand? 2.
Aeronautics dude said the plane was overweight. If so, how
to leave a high altitude at the aerodrome fist? And not only
creep off the ground if time in the air at a rate of climb

3. Yesterday evening when the new plane is ready, it becomes completely
buried in a sandstorm, with the exception of the tail. Damn! What a sandstorm. A whole
plane buried in a night. But even more surprising is that
digging in one day using only a shovel. So say .... a pair of
thousands of tons of sand? And that's not counting the track, which presumably would have been buried

4. They decide to land the plane in a thunderstorm. So
would make a brilliant career because of an electric shock,
ensure that they are completely destroyed. Jets passenger was struck
lighting very often but always survive because the lighting
not have a path to earth through the jet. In land of aircraft is
prevent the unloading of fuel during, not to dissipate
lighting strike.

5. The cans of petrol explode when some sparks drift towards them. Does not always
in Hollywood? (dangerous part of the world). Petrol
not explode unless it is in the exact proportion of 14.7:1 with air. That's why
cars need a carburetor. Otherwise, only burns. Anyway fire
for disposal on the outside of a can not make a content
burning, let alone exploit.

6. An exploration site was closed, but workers do not know until
some dickhead pilot some laps up and says he is there to take
home? Yeh, right, what would happen.

Tons of other incredible nonsense. Not worth spending more time
to write about it. I was robbed with this DVD. The worst movie in
This remake of the 1960's Flight of the Phoenix is very unsatisfactory.
Character development is not as rich as that of James Stewart
version. Dennis Quaid does not simply represent the depth of emotion that
James Stewart did in the original. Giovani Ribli was good as the model plane
design but again does not get enough scenes and Harvey
Kruger's image had a much more edge. Also missing was Richard Attenborough
character that keeps the project is Phoenix. His role was combined
in the characters of several of the cast in the remake.

Now, I am not saying this is a bad movie. I see as a companion piece to the original
. The special effects were impressive. Being stuck in the Gobi or the Sahara
(as in the original) was more significant for me when
saw the vast desolation of the desert in this remake. See the original
Phoenix for his superb character study and see the remake for the
special effects and has a magnificent image. The original Phoenix
is on its own. My recommendation is to see the original, and then see
the remake.

Download Flight of the Phoenix
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