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(action, biography, drama, sport)
Download Movie Lords of DogtownA fictionalized take on the group of brilliant young skateboarders raised in the mean streets of Dogtown in Santa Monica, California. The Z-Boys, as they come to be known, perfect their craft in the empty swimming pools of unsuspecting suburban homeowners, pioneering a thrilling new sport and eventually moving into legend.


John Robinson as Stacy
Emile Hirsch as Jay
Rebecca De Mornay as Philaine
William Mapother as Donnie
Julio Oscar Mechoso as Mr. Alva
Victor Rasuk as Tony
Nikki Reed as Kathy Alva
Heath Ledger as Skip
Vincent Laresca as Chino
Brian Zarate as Montoya
Pablo Schreiber as Stecyk
Elden Henson as Billy Z
Michael Angarano as Sid
Mitch Hedberg as Urethane Wheels Guy
Benjamin Nurick as Browser
Catherine Hardwicke

I was waiting to see how the Skate developed (in southern California
) and was disappointed by the way there is no history.
like I wanted, but I was bored to tears, and left the movie
before they come to an end. I also remember that my son who grew up in the 70
skateboards that had were much more advanced, so the time online
The Lords of Dogtown, seems to be in the mid-60 ' ; s, and not 70 as the film describes

The Clinch for me, is how a producer of art Linsons stature, could save
in music. I wanted to hear the banda sound of the era,
but I found the music is very generic ........ It is wrong, because I noticed
who worked with his son on this project, somehow the vision
was not implemented in a way ......
In the mid-70's, a group of teenage surfers from Venice, California skateboarding
formed a team known as the "Z-Boyz", becoming a fashionable sport by introducing
a series of wild-surfing moves influenced
that had not been seen before. But fame and fortune that came along with his new notoriety
ultimately leads to friction among friends.

I do not like skateboarding and therefore thought that this movie was going to be
boring, but turned out to be pleasant. The characters are realistic and
the drama is intense. Moreover, the skateboarding scenes
were quite impressive, even if a couple of them ran longer than it should have
. The script is fairly routine and predictable, but
remains attractive. It was written by Stacy Peralta who just happens to be
one of the characters in the film. As expected, Stacy Peralta
was the nicest character in the film, and was also one of the best skaters in the film
. I wonder if it really happened as such or whether
Peralta just make himself look good. They should have asked all
of the original "Z-Boyz" to pen the script, although there are
documentary on the same story.

The first half of the film was kind of slow and boring.
It took a while for things to get under way. However, the second half and picked up
much more exciting. The end was really nice, even if it is a small
affected. It's my favorite part in the movie, because it was more than a little
encouraging. Catherine Hardwicke did a horrible job behind the camera
. He moved the camera quickly with the rapid editing and
suppose she was trying to get a feel for the documentary film.
Not work out very well. It was messy and it seemed like a desperate attempt to
drama and emotion. Moreover, the dialog was exaggerated and annoying. I really know
skaters take the floor, but like a single point. They really did go by
overboard with him and is quite unnecessary.

He was very good with Emile Hirsch
give the best performance. His character is more elaborate and interesting.
handling well the role and should become a big star someday.
Victor Rasuk was also quite good as Tony albeit somewhat annoying.
John Robinson was well, although a little boring. Heath Ledger as Skip
was quite fun and his character is a good idol for young skaters.
Rebecca De Mornay gave a horrible performance that is absolutely untrue and incredible
. Michael Angarano played Sid
and their performance was quite good. It is sad to see sometimes because of the disease had
Sid and what it did to him. That is why I liked the end
because it is only fair that the boys skating with Sid watching. The
majority of the film was in the forgettable side, but the end was really touching
. After all, Lords of Dogtown is worth seeing for
skater fans another approach with caution. Rating 7 / 10

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