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Download Movie Man on the MoonMan on the Moon is a biographical movie on the late comedian Andy Kaufman. Kaufman, along with his role on "Taxi," was famous for being the self-declared Intergender Wrestling Champion of the world. After beating women time and time again, Jerry Lawler (who plays himself in the movie), a professional wrestler, got tired of seeing all of this and decided to challenge Kaufman to a match. In most of the matches the two had, Lawler prevailed with the piledriver, which is a move by spiking a guy head-first into the mat. In one of the most famous moments in this feud was in the early 80s when Kaufman threw coffee on Lawler on "The Late Show with David Letterman," got into fisticuffs with Lawler, and proceeded to sue NBC.


Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton
Gerry Becker as Stanley Kaufman
Greyson Erik Pendry as Little Michael Kaufman
Brittany Colonna as Baby Carol Kaufman
Leslie Lyles as Janice Kaufman
Bobby Boriello as Little Andy Kaufman
George Shapiro as Mr. Besserman
Danny DeVito as George Shapiro
Budd Friedman as Himself
Tom Dreesen as Wiseass Comic
Thomas Armbruster as Improv Piano Player
Pamela Abdy as Diane Barnett
Wendy Polland as Little Wendy
Gerry Robert Byrne as 'Taxi' AD/Stage Manager
Cash Oshman as Yogi
Milos Forman

Man on the Moon is one of the most heart-felt efforts I've ever seen on film
. At each table, you can feel how much does the project personally
all stakeholders, especially Jim Carrey star and producer Bob Zmuda. Although
worship staff to the theme of the film
not always translate into a film that members of the public identifies with, men
Moon succeeds brilliantly. Milos Forman among the unique style of leadership,
actors' performances, and Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski's
writing, the film is capable of doing at the same time as a member of one of Andy Kaufman
public, experiencing both joy and frustration
for his antics, and a close friend who sees, or thinks they see,
the Andy Kaufman behind the masks. Just as Karaszewski and Alexander made
with Ed Wood biopicks or Larry Flint, that challenge our concept of what it means to be
successful, giving the dignity of the apparent misfits
of our society. However, a biopick as Man on the Moon succeeds or fails
mainly because of the initiative. Jim Carrey shows his spectacular talent
last year with a performance in The Truman Show, which should have
translated into an Oscar, and this year gives back what is likely to be the best performance of
year. Carrey is about the role of Kaufman
with a level of professionalism and enthusiasm much bigger than the
displayed by many current players fame. Carrey's Kaufman takes
Mannerisms impeccable and Kaufman became so convincing that you forget
Carrey acts. The other movie stars, including Paul Giamatti,
Courtney Love, Danny DeVito and in turn to all the excellent too.

Man on the Moon is both inspiring and thought provoking - a must see.
"Man on the Moon", indeed. I remember seeing Andy Kaufman of the event on television
as a teenager, and I admit, I wrote him off as another comedian, with a
incredibly expressive face and a style of silliness. Years later, I
seeing him in "Taxi" repetitions. I admire the facility where it could go from

loving Latka malicious Vic easily, and I thought, "Wow, this guy
really loves what it does." And after seeing "Man on the Moon."
Reality check.

This photo, I think that redeems Andy Kaufman. Support
five grueling years in "Taxi" only by what they might get some laughs from people. He did
actions wrestling only for omprobar with it. He came real close to hitting

rock bottom only to save himself at the end. He died of cancer at age 35

ridiculously young, and even then his own family did not buy it. He lived
misunderstood, and died misunderstood. And years later, gets a biopic.
Just what he deserves. It is sad that many people will know the talents of Andy
and he understood only after seeing this film. But still, let's face it

at the end it did get the last laugh.

The real cornerstone in this movie is Jim Carrey. Yes, you heard comments about him
endless immersion in itself Andy, not only playing him. But
is acting beyond their dreams, believe me. Especially when you touch

Andy's character, Carrey lived and breathed the air Kaufman. This is the film

where his silly-putty face comes to hand, because it seems to help Jim in turn
Andy. (If only we could do something about your teeth ...) for Newsflash
academies: Jim Carrey can act! I recall that Tom Hanks starting with the

same kind of films that Jim did: tall, colorful, silly and ridiculous (as well as films
"Bachelor Party" come to mind). Then he did "Big", then came
When Carrey is the "Philadelphia" over the next? I can not wait to see it in

the Academy Awards this year.

Man on the Moon, indeed.

Download Man on the Moon
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