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(drama, fantasy)
Download Movie NorthforkIn a near-empty Northfork orphanage, Father Harlan gently tends to Irwin, a eight-year-old who lies between a dreamstate and death. As orphanage caretaker Harlan reads aloud about Northfork's years-ago forced evacuation to make way for a hydro-electric dam, Irwin's imagination takes flight. While a team of six men evacuate the last remaining citizens of the town, Irwin, too, invents a cast of characters to prepare himself for his own evacuation.


James Woods as Walter O'Brien
Nick Nolte as Father Harlan
Douglas Sebern as Mayor
Claire Forlani as Mrs. Hadfield
Duel Farnes as Irwin
Daryl Hannah as Flower Hercules
Graham Beckel as Marvin
Josh Barker as Matt
Peter Coyote as Eddie
Jon Gries as Arnold
Rick Overton as Rudolph
Robin Sachs as Cup of Tea
Ben Foster as Cod
Anthony Edwards as Happy
Michael Polish

Michael Polish from the hypnotic "Northfork" is a film that stays in your memory
for quite some time. This film exquisitely prepared
that Michael and Mark Polish wrote, visually is one of the best things that came out last year
the world of independent films. The movie is handsomely photographed by M.
David Mullen, with an unforgettable score by Stuart Matthewman

If you have not seen the movie, perhaps you should stop reading here.

The idea of establishing the film in Montana was a huge blow to the Polish brothers
. Never the country and majestic views of the mountains as
been so vividly captured in "Northfork." We do not need any color!
The beauty is in the dark tones of the film that enhances the story of
desolation in this remote outpost.

At the heart of the story is Irwin, the sick child under the care of the mysterious
Father Harlan. This boy is in his bed when the priest
rate is administering the medicine on his body. But is it really
there at all? We see what we interact with the strange group that
we first encounter around the cemetery. There are two newly opened
Graves. One of them for Irwin?

At the same time, another plot plays first line parallel to this item.
believe that the six black men who have reached the area in order to eliminate
of the area as many people as possible. This will be the bed
for artificial lake to be created. His reward is a
and a half acre lake front property should move a certain amount of

The third story focuses on the mystique of the group composed of
Flower Hercules, cup of tea, cod and happy. They are following a
possibility of a link to an angel who has been injured in this area. When Irwin
meets at the cemetery, offered to help only if they carried
away at least a thousand miles from here. We consider as the quartet
feathers the boy has placed among the pages of your Bible.
Could it be that Irwin angel? The sequence

show us all sides Northfork
leaving in different directions. Men in black riding their cars, perhaps
go home to enjoy the newly acquired properties to them as a reward.
The mystique of the group is seen boarding an airplane taking off and a greater
place. We also realize that the child by the father Harlan, despite the
medications and care he received from the holy figure, has died.

Michael Polish won one of the best acting
set of all directors. Nick Nolte, as Father Harlan converts a poor performance in key
his portrait of this kind man. James Woods, as Walter, one of the men
working for the developer, do a good job. The biggest surprise is
Duel Farmer, who made an excellent impression as Irwin. This
child actor, with the right guidance, shows great promise.

The mystique of the group is brilliantly acted by Daryl Hannah, Robin Sachs,
Ben Foster and Anthony Edwards, the man with fun entertainment.
Peter Coyote, Mark Polish, Ben Foster, and the rest of the cast are impeccable
under the leadership Mr Polish.

The beauty of the film is basa in its simplicity. Mr Polish
of vision is haunting memory. The images of Montana, perhaps as an unreal
landscape is one of the best things in American films in quite a while.

Download Northfork
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