Threat of Exposure

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Download Movie Threat of ExposureDr. Daryl Sheleigh (Sean Young), is smart, beautiful, sophisticated, and in trouble... she's a psychotherapist / hypnotherapist whose clients have begun to mysteriously disappear. Badger (Will Schaub) Welldon is working undercover with the police, he poses as her patient looking for clues about four missing men(which also includes his younger brother). He's confident when he first enters her office, with no intention of revealing anything about himself... as the therapy progresses, boundaries are broken. Disturbing secrets from Badger's past emerge, and a compelling bond develops between Daryl and Badger. As Badger's feelings deepen, so does the chilling evidence against her... will she be the one to remove his loneliness or will she be his executioner?


Sean Young as Dr. Daryl Sheleigh
Will Schaub as Badger
William Devane as Col. Weldon
D. Paul Thomas as Lt. McDermott
Sarah Crawford as Suzanne
Tom Whitus

Control was lost in the opening sequence. Free sex and violence
could have been a great opening, but the writer / director leaves too many loopholes.
There is no character development among potential customers (Shaub and youth) and
when, after a few therapy sessions, Shaub announced his love for youth,
is absolutely incredible.

Wm. Windings of the pervasive nature of Shaub father could have been the crux
a pyschological thriller. In fact, it is in vain. Attempts to
plot twists do not work because they are the main ingredients missing.

Even small details, such as combating carries, giving a drink, then
cheap red wine in crystal glasses?

The film moves at glacial speed.
Photography is good and includes some rarely seen footage of Kansas City

- A great site for future films.
I'm not a big contributor comment. I had to with this.

This film is so pathetic on so many levels,
hardly know where to begin.

Plot - full of holes and contrived.

Acting - I expected better of Devane and young, perhaps even
could not bring life to these poor character development. Other
actors are unknown and his act is on a par with a student film.

Normally I would not have finished the DVD, but I reached the point
when I had to follow just to see if the plot is lame lead. How
I was surprised to find that lead nowhere but through some hoops.

Download Threat of Exposure
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