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(action, adventure)
Download Movie Wake of DeathBen Archer (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a thug/enforcer for a criminal organization. Tiring of the work, he tells his coworkers that he's ready to retire. His wife Cynthia is a social worker for the INS. She brings a Chinese refugee girl to their home. Soon, Sun Quan (Simon Yam) wants his daughter back. Cynthia Archer is murdered, and Ben's son Nicholas disappears, along with the Chinese girl. Ben must save the children and avenge his wife's murder.


Jean-Claude Van Damme as Ben Archer
Simon Yam as Sun Quan
Philip Tan as Han
Valerie Tian as Kim
Tony Schiena as Tony
Claude Hernandez as Raymond
Lisa King as Cynthia Archer
Anthony Fridjohn as Max
Danny Keogh as Mac Hoggins
Pierre Marais as Nicholas Archer
Warrick Grier as Da Costa
Jacqui Chan as Mamma Li
Tom Wu as Andy Wang
Burt Kwouk as Tommy Li
Joon Chong as Kim's Mother
Philippe Martinez

"Jean-Claude Van Damme returns," we have all heard of this
statement about a hundred times since then his career took a turn for the worse
. Since then, Jean has been trying to resurrect a career that saw him
at the top of revenge Hollywood action films of the 80's and early 90
. Trying to regain fans Jean has been to go directly to
video via the hope that one of the films strike gold. And I believe
Jean has just indicated that the alarm of Death. Van Damme
again and this time has the chops to act in accordance with the fresh action.
Why this movie is valued so low at this site, you never know. This has
to be one of the best video directly to emissions last year. The
action is great, Van Damme is in it, and history is quite good. It is not only
his streak of vengeance mill of the film, has a great story that you
and the film is a success when it comes to revenge plot. He did
better then some of the big budget Hollywood movies that came out
this year, a total that comes to mind is the Punisher. If your
looking for a big action film with Van Damme and this movie is not your local Blockbuster
I suggest you spend a few dollars extra a purchase
the movie, you will not be disappointed.

I read that some people were disappointed by the films climax
stating that it is too fast for some. What I would like to say to these people is
they need more than one imagination. This film is great because of factors such as
that the film does not sit down and explain every little thing
like most movies do now one day. This film allows you to use some imagination
and that is what made the film so good. He
the viewer feel more apart from the film and not as a complete idiot
you need everything explained and told them.
Well, what can I say? Direct to video releases are always waiting
strangely. I myself are guilty of thinking "The movie can not be that good
if it did not get shown in the film! ". I was totally wrong with alarm
Of Death ...

This is a great movie! Van Damme is basically "excellent". Lisa King
played by Cynthia Archer, Van Damme's wife is quite poor and Cheapo
kind of acting shines in her scenes. She is very basic and really,
is not very good. His

probably thinking "This does not sound too good to what I said
but wait, let me continue! ".

The action is perfectly balanced in the film. The story is
constantly moving in the right direction and that feels really never lose
of where things are going! Also, the camera work reminds me of some great
flicks like "Face Off" and scenes from driving could be wrong
clips from "Fast and the Furious." I was not a joke,
are really good! This film is on par with some films that have been in the
Cinema! However, if you cannot stand garbage acting, naked with her until
His wife was killed quality as shown in her scenes makes sound
cheap (as the television series acting). After that, his revenge and all thats
entertaining! Finally, with films like "The Punisher" does not meet my expectations
, I evaluated after the death better than Punisher! This is the way
I thought that was good ...

Download Wake of Death
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