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(action, adventure, comedy, romance)
Download Movie Around the World in 80 DaysThis version of the classic novel set in 1872 focuses on Passepartout (Chan), a Chinese thief who steals a valuable jade Buddha and then seeks refuge in the traveling companionship of an eccentric London inventor and adventurer, Phileas Fogg (Coogan), who has taken on a bet with members of his gentlemens' club that he can make it around the world in a mere 80 days, using a variety of means of transportation, like boats, trains, balloons, elephants, etc. Along the way, Passepartout uses his amazing martial arts abilities to defend Fogg from the many dangers they face.. One major threat to their adventure is a detective that's following them. Why? Just as Fogg and Passeportout left London, a major bank was robbed, with Fogg suspected of using the "around the world" trip as an excuse to escape.. Their path from London and back includes stops in Paris, Turkey, India, China and USA...


John Cleese as
Arnold Schwarzenegger as
Kathy Bates as
Jackie Chan as Passepartout/Lau Xing
Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg
Robert Fyfe as Jean Michel
Jim Broadbent as Lord Kelvin
Ian McNeice as Colonel Kitchener
David Ryall as Lord Salisbury
Roger Hammond as Lord Rhodes
Adam Godley as Mr. Sutton
Karen Mok as General Fang
Howard Cooper as Academy Member #1
Daniel Hinchcliffe as British Valet
Wolfram Teufel as Belgian Dignitary
Tom Strauss as Academy Member #2
Kit West as Academy Member #3
Ewen Bremner as Inspector Fix
Frank Coraci

Around the World in 80 Days (2004), starring Jackie Chan, currently has
IMDb user a rating of 5.7. And they say that is one of the biggest flops
in history, having failed to recover more than a fraction of its
(estimated) $ 110 million budget.

say, give it time! Overseas box office in addition to DVD rentals and sales -
this movie will become a final benefit. As I understand it, the film
companies now most of their money outside the rental market, so I
rather mystified to learn that a film flopped not only because
win again its cost in the U.S. box office in the first couple of months
release. It does not seem like a fair and complete calculation for me.

anyway, I'm going to the trouble to ask about this because I thought this was a great
and delicious break for a comedy, and I think
posterity will be much kinder to be him of "5.7". The film is witty,
beautiful, well-acted and virtually anything that contains any kung fu adventure fan
heart could wish. Before watching, I thought that
would be more faithful to the original book, so I was surprised to see
Ten Tigers of Kwantung, and let me say the surprise was 100%
positive. This film is absolutely first and foremost a comedy. And
is something as rare as a literate, not the ridiculous premise
se basa en. The film makes that the only correct choice, namely
to update the classic story and add new levels and new ideas, which
keeps it fresh and adventurous. Let's face it, Jules Verne science
not already own at present, so we have to do
modified versions of the stories for a modern audience (hence also the very entertaining
updated Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Core

To see this film as a remake of the 1956 film - which seems to be the
position that many reviewers take - is completely wrong. This is a riff
/ homage to the original novel, which has nothing to do with
any previous film version.

I thought Jackie Chan is part of this movie was fun, and I was all very entertaining
. I can not think why they bombed the U.S.
That I will get on DVD soon.
Jackie Chans latest film just hitting our stores shelves DVD (
well in Australia at least) and I thought it was time for my
review. The story is very loosely based on Jules Verne's novel
the same name, this is an eccentric inventor Phileas Fogg
trying to race around the world and break back in England within 80 days While
the evil Lord Kelvin seeks to ensure that no win and become the
Chief of the Royal Academy of Science. Before seeing this movie
there are some things you should know, your made by Disney, so its going to be
a film that is aimed at all ages and very familiar and friendly
He also received a rating of PG so its relatively enjoyable movie.

Having always been a fan of Jackie Chan I may be a bit biased, but I found this film
lot of fun, far more than expected. All funds
are great, and everything has a fun feel about it, this is the kind of film that
is nothing more than purely entertainment, very lightweight but very easy
all together fun ride that you should want to see again. A lot of
cameo appearances in this movie are announced and a lot to feel
the film and all the main actors play their parts very well.
The DVD extras are not much and what should have been a highlight,
deleted scenes where ruined by the director to talk over that time and doing
then a waste of time.

I can not mention enough of this movie is very lite, does not see this
waiting for a change of life experience and just let yourself be taken in

This film deserves a 8.6 out of 10 is now cheaper to hire
do yourself a favor and take a look, you know I want.

Download Around the World in 80 Days
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