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Download Movie Auto FocusCapitalizing on his fame as the star of "Hogan's Heroes," Bob Crane (Greg Kinnear) dove into the freewheeling spirit of the 60s and 70s with relish, having affairs with numerous women. Eventually, Crane teamed up with video technician John Carpenter to document his exploits, an association that may very well have led to his murder in a Scottsdale, Arizona motel room in 1978, which remains officially unsolved to this day.


Greg Kinnear as Bob Crane
Willem Dafoe as John Carpenter
Rita Wilson as Anne Crane
Maria Bello as Patricia Olson/Patrica Crane/Sigrid Valdis
Ron Leibman as Lenny
Bruce Solomon as Edward H. Feldman
Michael E. Rodgers as Richard Dawson
Kurt Fuller as Werner Klemperer
Christopher Neiman as Robert Clary
Lyle Kanouse as John Banner
Donnamarie Recco as Melissa/Mistress Victoria
Ed Begley Jr. as Mel Rosen
Michael McKean as Video Executive
Cheryl Lynn Bowers as Cynthia Lynn
Don McManus as Priest
Paul Schrader

I think this was the most severely underrated 2002 film, and that
was also my personal favorite of a great year in cinema. Now,
I sincerely doubt that many moviegoers would consider one of the best of the year, or even
a great movie, so this comes with a provisional recommendation. I

not recommend this movie just anybody, but I think the fans before

work of Scorsese and Schrader will consider this a worthwhile effort. With this

Schrader work continues its legacy of disrupted, distorted, men convicted

whose selfishness and superficial nature ultimately lead to great suffering as those that destroy
are close to them. Greg Kinnear's joins Bob Crane
tastes of DeNiro's Jake LaMotta in raging bull, Gene Hackman's Harry
in the conversation, Nick Nolte & # 39; s Wade Whitehouse in another Schrader
masterpiece, Affliction. These are sad, empty men, for which we can not but sympathize
half; sorry for them because they suffer, but we condemn because
force themselves and others suffer.

The film follows the sexual exploits of Greg Kinnear as Bob Crane,
real-life star of Hogan's Heroes, during and after the show became a
truly addicted to sex, ruining two marriages and possibly
sabotaging his career in the process. Willem Dafoe is John Carpenter (
do not know what you're thinking, and he did not), Crane's partner in crime who lacks charisma
with women, but also feeds on some pieces of crane
in exchange for his extensive knowledge and access to video equipment. Crane's fetish is
the house using video cameras to record their sexual trysts, he

comments over and over again, looking for something we can not see, and he probably
can not see well.

Kinnear and Dafoe artist alone is worth the price of admission.
This is the best, bolder, more nuanced and work that has never done
His performance is all subtlety and detail; introduced as a crane
regular aw shucks family man, but as the film progresses gradually

see the facade as his fall silent desperation and insatiable sexual appetite
begin to consume him. Not content to go over the top and shout at the top of

their lungs to be effective, rather Kinnear puts on a false smile and

charms with a velvety voice, while openly degrading and beating women. The effect

is one of the most genuinely creepy performances ever committed to film.
Dafoe is the perfect companion for Kinnear subtle predator; Carpenter is

a pathetic loser, easily angered and hurt easily. He was so angry, shouts, and
does all of the things we've seen Dafoe do in the rest of his portraits

of guys you do not want to meet in a dark alley, or a lighted , For

this matter. It is effective elsewhere, and is effective. Together, these

men are a couple so completely joyless shallow and only
see on the screen next to my stomach churn made. His dialogue is only incidental

are usually evoking a previous sexual escapades or planning new ones, but

is little tics, gestures, Kinnear untouchable confidence frustrated by

Dafoe insecurity, Kinnear's hidden hunger frustrated by Dafoe open
despair, giving these scenes from his resounding power.

not shortchange the direction of Schrader, however, that as usual is right
goal for the material. It begins in a brightly colored, idealized

suburban landscape, filled with all the usual images you'd expect in this type

of light and little time and place. Then, slowly slips into darker territory
, leading us into the decadent seventies, breaking shot in
short lengths, shaking the camera, which represents the cinema with his
edition of the fall of its protagonist. True, Schrader
techniques used here to describe the breaking Crane have been used many times before

but I found extremely effective.

Over the last thirty minutes of the film, I felt really bad, not

because I thought that the projector is out of focus, as many have complained, but
Schrader Kinnear and took me to a dark place and I
immersed in it.
As I said before, this type of film is not for everyone, but for those interested in
the dark side of man, this movie is not to be missed.

I think that at least the merit of these stories is depressing morale

that provide an accurate model of how not to live our lives. I suppose

showing that the actual control of the crane in therapy and dealing with their problems and utimately
cure itself would be useful too, but
not to make a good movie, or genuine. Some people argue against

the very existence of this type of film. My answer to them is that in real life
each firm will person who solves their problems and

triumphs over adversity, there is another loser that ultimately, not to deal with
implosion and life on their own insecurity and weakness.
Until this changes, someone has to continue making these films.
A story warning of the dangers of sexual addiction, "Auto Focus"
shows what can happen when a person tries to lead a double life - in this case,
straight-laced family man per day and pornography-obsessed playboy by night
. In Auto Focus', 'the family man / pornograph turns out that there is no
other than the well-known actor Bob Crane, the star of television
Hogan's Heroes', was found dead in a Scottsdale, Arizona hotel room in 1978 under mysterious circumstances
and sensational that included the discovery
tapes Crane had made their own sexual experiences. The general public
was shocked to discover that a man who had invited its halls
every week for six years have been living such unsavory parallel existence
- While those who knew him and were allegedly much less surprised by the revelation
. Based on Robert Graysmith's book "The Murder of Bob Crane '
for his inspiration and perspective, the film, written by Michael Gerbosi
and directed by Paul Schrader, narrates the rise and
fall of this handsome actor, from his days as a successful LA disc jockey and his meteoric rise to fame as
star of a successful series of comedy, increasing its obsession with
promiscuity and pornography, which led to the disintegration of his two
personal and professional life - and, ultimately, to his death, most likely
at the hands of her partner in sleaze, cameraman John Carpenter (although
he was never convicted of the murder).

"Auto Focus" is certainly not shy away from revealing many of the
salacious details of this real-life story. Schrader refers to-head with
disturbing nature of the mind so that all are consumed with the aim that all sex workers
other aspects of life is erased and distorted. What is fascinating about
Crane - at least in the way they are depicted in this film - is that he
seems to have had some sort of self-destructive death wish, not only for
risk his career by sleeping with countless women, but he insists
leaving behind evidence of video footage to many of their encounters, and then
flaunting their "achievements" to others in the community Hollywood. In a
Thus, this arrogant attitude only underlines the disease in central
Crane of the soul - that in a perverse, so paradoxical, in fact makes a crane
more sympathetic figure than he could it be otherwise. An enormous amount of
for this credit also goes to Greg Kinnear makes an excellent job not only of
Crane play the style of acting, but to show the man tortured
Crane became his last years . It was really a man driven to madness by
demons within him, and we can all identify in some sense with this condition
(our demons are not sexual in nature, but probably would eat us
As well as ravenously as they did Crane). Kinnear
receives strong support from Willem Dafoe as Carpenter, the Svengali-like figure who attracts Crane
in their world of photographs of sex, and Ron Leibman, as well Crane's
intentioned, caring agent who can do little but stand and how his client
launches her career and her life away to feed this
devouring passion.

The filmmakers have done an amazing job capturing the sights and sounds of
when the film is set. Particularly impressive are the scenes recreating
"Hogan's Heroes", with Kurt Fuller, in particular a standout as
Werner Klemperer (Col. Klink). It is also fascinating to see the
technology developments videotape as portrayed in the film. How many of us knew that there
such equipment for domestic consumption as soon as the

There is a real sadness for the end sections of the film, all the more poignant for having the
Dirge-like musical score uninterruptedly under the
action. The effect is to really get a sense of total desolation
Crane's life at that time - as he has lost his family, his career and his
self-respect for the teacher chose early serving. The loss of his
life seems almost de rigueur given everything that has happened before. `Auto Focus'
is not always easy to see a movie, but for his unwavering gaze to a
often-unappetizing subject, which deserves to be seen.

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