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Download Movie BladeWhen Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire during pregnancy, she did not know that she gave her son a special gift while dying: All the good vampire attributes in combination with the best human skills. Blade grew up to be a vampire hunter for revenge on his mother's death. The vampires, who managed to infiltrate nearly every major organization, need Blade's very special blood to summon La Magra, the blood god, in order to reign over the human cattle, as they call us.


Wesley Snipes as Blade/Eric Brooks/'The Daywalker'
Stephen Dorff as Deacon Frost
Kris Kristofferson as Abraham Whistler
N'Bushe Wright as Dr. Karen Jenson
Donal Logue as Quinn
Udo Kier as Vampire Elder Dragonetti
Arly Jover as Mercury
Traci Lords as Racquel
Kevin Patrick Walls as Officer Krieger
Tim Guinee as Dr. Curtis Webb
Sanaa Lathan as Vanessa Brooks
Eric Edwards as Pearl
Donna Wong as Nurse
Carmen Thomas as Senior Resident
Shannon Lee as Resident
Stephen Norrington

Blade is all Spawn wanted to be and it was not. While Spawn is a strong,
uncomfortable, incoherent mess that should have been in hell with their former hero
, Blade is relatively weak (it is nice to hear
la banda sonora), elegant, well-directed reality that the movie tries to build
empathy and pathos in the characters. While both are
adaptations of comic books, only one is a page turner.

Blade, Eric or as his mother calls him, but that would be superhero
command respect with the name of Eric, is half-man, half vampire, made his
Mother, who survived an attack vampire long enough to give birth to him. This
Blade gives a certain edge in their understandable resentment against vampires,
"all our strengths and none of our weaknesses" as its main nemesis vampire
testimony. That nemesis is Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff)
who wants to unleash a vampire apocalypse in the world, decrying
Mafia-type approach that has served so well vampires until this point -
" ; human beings are our food, our allies not, "he explains. Blade is aided by his guardian or
specialist in weapons Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) and a woman rescued
hematologist, Karen. His experience lends itself both to its creation
anti-vampire blood, and a possible cure for Blade to make it
fully human again. Although you get the sense that the fate of Blade is not entirely
tragic. The relish kicking vampire butt.

The film Blade succeeds for two reasons. It is technically polished, with
good performance, excellent direction and production design, and impressive special effects
- how the vampires in turn, skeletons and fly away as dry
parchment when they die is formed cool. Three made
action sequences, the party opening scene that Blade inconveniently accidents,
brush with death of one meter, and end the conflict, with some special effects
I can say, like a movie seasoned veteran, I've never seen before. The second reason is that
Blade understands the inherent attraction of the vampire myth
. Vampirism represents a life given to sin, essentially. They are
sensual creatures, which depend on flesh and blood for survival, circumventing the
light, yet eternal, like the evil lust carnal the Bible warns about.
Vampires are not tragic, as interviews with the Vampire
would you believe, but fun, cool and sexy. That is its power. Is not sin sexy? why would it be tempting
differently? Vampires are cool because they live in sin
without paying their consequences - death. However, for this reason, they are
enemy and must die. For the sin is the ultimate evil. This essential
good / evil conflict must be there for this kind of story to work. Spawn has
neither this nor the technical excellence has Blade, which is why it sucks so bad
. Blade reminded me of another good vampire movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula
, Francis Ford Coppola. It would make a good companion to pieces

I admit that I am going by the more traditional vampire story, but this is a real winner
. Lots of output graphics and a good story to go with them for an interesting
2 hours. There was a lot of gore with blood suckers
vicious attack mortals and even among themselves for control of the world. A good
for all of us lovers vampire.

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