Freedom Strike

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(action, drama)
Download Movie Freedom StrikeNational security is in jeopardy when terrorists seize an Iraqi nuclear reactor and threaten to attack American soil. Spearheaded by ace Tomcat pilots, the U.S. launches a surgical strike in a hell-for-leather effort to stop the assault.


Michael Dudikoff as Tom Dickson
Tone Loc as Tyler Haynes
Felicity Waterman as Maddie Reese
Jay Anthony as Col. Rama
Nicolas Coster as Adm. Torrance
James Karen as President Mitchell
Michael Fairman as Gen. Porter
Frank Roman as Casey Billups
Penny Peyser as Linda
Ron Harper as Norman
Sean Holland as Gary
James Van Patten as Tactical Action Officer
Bill Langlois Monroe as Capt. Mehl
John Putch as Stanley Shaw
Nicholas Kadi as Lt. Karbala
Jerry P. Jacobs
Allan A. Goldstein

and this film is so crap. The story is rubbish, the actors were all
b. The only positive side is that they have used a large amount of unused
aerial shots of the filming of firearm top. There was even a shot that was superior in
weapon used. This was a culminating moment of being a firearm
f14 top fan and a fan. The tomcat is the only thing that made me see
last 5 minutes. I think the F-14 squadron which he seems to be flying the red rays
that was disbanded in the early 1990.
I would love to see all that they filmed aerial cinematography for top gun, but not
use. Is there any knowledge in any way this can be done?

any way the freedom of general strike was really very bad.
avoid it if it is not a fan of f14.
But I did work on it.

First, Michael Dudikoff, Heck of a good boy. Not 40k/day U.S. dollars pleasant, but
to the great crew. I was amazed at how this production was cheeseball. The USS
Victory Lane (WWII frieghter) was replaced by an aircraft carrier. And the carrier
island scenes were killed with bullets in a parking lot next to a wall that
was painted gray. For the flight scenes, have the front end of a real
Tomcat stick to the players in. It was not gutted or something that weighed a few tons
and wound up placing it into a cube garbage (crushed) as
not get the store we were shooting, shooting. The F-14 was not
guaranteed to each and every one of the actors are being threatened with death in the thing. Kudos
for them. Then it was the nuke plant. A power generator in Sun Valley, just down the street
Babylon 5 actually.

I try to see him once but did not. But I thought that everything would be interested in what
not go into these directly to video

Download Freedom Strike
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