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(comedy, crime, short)
Download Movie PaybackPorter is a small time but tough criminal, who's primary gig, is robbery. Now his friend Val Resnick needs $130,000 to pay back a criminal group known as "The Outfit". He tells Porter about some Asian couriers who carry $300,000, Porter agrees to it on the condition that they split the take. When they hit them, they discover that they only have $140,000, and Resnick says that, that's what they always carry. He pulls out a gun and shoots Porter in the back and leaves him to die. However, Porter manages to make it to a doctor, and get treated, when he recovers, he sets out to get Resnick and his share $70,000. He begins by approaching an associate of Resnick's. Porter then seeks out a prostitute named Rosie, whom he knew, she tells him where he can find Resnick, when he does he tells Resnick that he should go to his employers and ask them to give him back $70,000 of the money he gave them, Resnick says that's impossible but Porter "convinces" him to do it. Resnick then goes to his boss, Mr. Carter, who tells him that it's in their best interest to help Resnick deal with Porter. Carter orders one of his men to take Porter out but Porter's just too good for them. Resnick then asks his girlfriend who knows the people whom he and Porter stole the money from, and tells her to tell them where they can find him. When they do they are interrupted by two policemen, but they are crooked who are under the impression that Porter's going after $200,000-300,000 and are going to get it. Can Porter deal with all these people and still get his money.


James Coburn as
Mel Gibson as Porter
Gregg Henry as Val Resnick
Maria Bello as Rosie
David Paymer as Arthur Stegman
Bill Duke as Det. Hicks
Deborah Kara Unger as Mrs. Lynn Porter
John Glover as Phil
William Devane as Carter
Lucy Liu as Pearl
Jack Conley as Det. Leary
Kris Kristofferson as Bronson
Mark Alfa as Johnny's Friend #2
Kwame Amoaku as Radioman
Justin Ashforth as Bartender #1 Michael
Len Bajenski as Fairfax Bodyguard #1


One of today's black cinema, this is almost as difficult as it gets.
Rough characters, violence and rough rough language everyone understands this
1967 re-make of the film "Point Blank", which starred Lee Marvin.

Mel Gibson is the "good guy" here, taking the role of Marvin, but I have to put
in quotes, because he is not really "good", only a thief trying to
get her back $ 70000 that was stolen from him by her partner and
ex-wife of a former heist. The climbs the ladder, little man at the top
chief, to finally get their money.

Gibson gets beaten on several occasions and even tortured one of the toes
calculation scene. Women are looking hard, rough and unappealing. I
as did the metallic-blue in here, making an interesting
visual film. However, the city scenes are bleak, to Batman.

Despite this, I found the movie is still good enough to see
several times. Most people like a simple revenge story that this really is,
and there is dark humor here, too. The other characters are interesting
, notably played by William Devane.
Also liked the story of Gibson, conducted in 1940-style black cinema. The worst
here in person was the sadistic "Val Resnick (Gregg Henry). The
was so bad, was cartoon-ish, someone so bad that belonged to one such
Batman or Spiderman or Hellboy flicks.

Download Payback
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