Raise Your Voice

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(drama, music, romance)
Download Movie Raise Your VoiceHilary Duff stars in Raise Your Voice as a young woman from a small town who spends the summer in a performing arts school in Los Angeles. She encounters big city circumstances and romance that challenge her small town upbringing. Sean McNamara directs.


Hilary Duff as Terri Fletcher
Oliver James as Jay Corgan
David Keith as Simon Fletcher
Dana Davis as Denise Gilmore
Johnny Lewis as Engelbert 'Kiwi' Wilson
Rita Wilson as Francis Fletcher
Lauren C. Mayhew as Robin Childers
Kat Dennings as Sloane
Jason Ritter as Paul Fletcher
Rebecca De Mornay as Aunt Nina
John Corbett as Mr. Torvald
Carly Reeves as Kelly
James Avery as Mr. Gantry
Robert Trebor as Mr. Wesson
Steven T. Palmer as Street Drummer
Sean McNamara

I thought this movie was incredible! Many people do not like Hillary
films, but this is a value seeing.There parties that made me want
mourn and elsewhere laugh.I made me think this movie is really heart-warming
to all girls should see it.Guys May
like too but I think it is more for the chicken-Shake side.The with Teri
issues are very real and the film is played out really well around them.I
enjoyed watching it.Even if not particularly like Hillary,
yet to see because this is one of his best movies.It 's
different from his other films and that really shines in this.Oliver
James is also very good in this movie along with the rest of the cast.
I do not understand why nobody rate this movie
nothing less than a perfect 10. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the characters were great
(all movies make high-end music students seem snobby
- prima donna). I've seen every movie to date Hilary Duff and
this is undoubtedly his best work. Compared with "A History Cinderalla", this film
has 10 times the quality and entertainment value. I thought
Terri's relationship with his brother was very emotional - and the scene where she first saw his
DVD that was sent to school was very well done -
I could almost feel your pain. Teachers were well done. Thanks to
around the world who made this movie. I'll buy the DVD. Remember that
Hilary is 16 years old when this was filmed - I look forward to
the next decade as Hilary finishes his adolescence and entering its 20. My only complaint about
Hilary - losing her hair fake - just let theirs grow
- It looks better.

Download Raise Your Voice
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