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Download Movie Senior Skip DayThe plan for these high-school seniors with a major case of senioritis: break into Principal Dickwalder's house and throw the party of the year. But Principal Dickwalder overhears Adam explaining the plan; ruining the celebration... or does it? Adam's only chance at redemption is to host the party himself. Gorgeous models stripteases a gigantic gravity bong a funeral and some crepes are the key elements to the best skip-day party ever. Their only problem? Prinicipal Dickwalder is on a mission to stop the festivities. This hilarious fun-filled adventure will make you want to plan a skip day of your own.


Larry Miller as Mr. Frankfurt Dickwalder
Gary Lundy as Adam
Tara Reid as Ellen Harris
Lea Thompson as Cathleen
Norm MacDonald as Mr. Rigetti
Clint Howard as Lionel Huffer
Kayla Ewell as Cara
Talan Torriero as Scott
Chuck Carter as Tate
Brett Claywell as Carl Smith
Mike Dunay as Brian Saxton
Lindsey Axelsson as Laura
Jackson Rathbone as Snippy
Taryn Southern as Isha
Derek Mio as Ralph Lee Cheng
Nick Weiss

It was good. Larry Miller is one of my favorite players for adults
authority roles (ah, 10 Things I Hate About You, good times). Also,
I had a crush on Lea Thompson from Caroline in the City. I'm cool

Anywho, insofar as adolescents comedies go, this does not make me throw my hands
and shouting "I WASH my hands of you!" as most do. Actually I liked
well enough.

The story was fairly run-of-the-mill, but the way it works is quite entertaining
. And the slap-sticky random nature of elderly
make me laugh out loud.

Nevertheless, I a 6.5/10, just because it's refreshing
of American Pie and Harold and Kumar distasteful humor, and is a little more
ridiculous and fun.
Are you kidding? This is the worst movie I've seen in my life.
I feel asleep after the first five minutes. is the fun way.
i thought it was a local movie or something at first. I can not believe
nationality. there is no plot, too many facts that make no sense
, and the lead actor still speaking to the camera.
is dull and mute. perhaps if not rest however, I would have liked.
after seeing the cover, I thought it would be similar to americas
cake, a stupid, but entertaining movie. this movie is not only stupid and
entertaining. Sorry if I offend anybody, but this is only my opinion
. i really hated it. my favorite part of the whole film is
although Talon. was in Laguna Beach and was an entire piece.
I am surprised that he can act.

Download Senior Skip Day
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