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Download Movie Star Wars: Episode IV - A New HopeIn a distant galaxy eons before the creation of the mythical planet known as Earth, vast civilizations have evolved, and ruling the galaxy is an interstellar Empire created from the ruins of an Old Republic that held sway for generations. It is a time of civil war, as solar systems have broken away from the Empire and are waging a war of rebellion. During a recent battle techical schematics for a gigantic space station, code named The Death Star, have been unearthed by Rebel spies, and a young woman who is a dissident member of the Imperial Senate, under the cover of a diplomatic mission to the planet Alderaan, is trying to smuggle these plans to the Rebellion. But her spacecraft is attacked by a vast warship of the Empire and seized. The dissident Senator is captured, but the plans for the Death Star are nowhere to be found. While soldiers of the Empire search the nearby planet Tatooine, a series of incidents sweeps up a young desert farmer with dreams of being a fighter pilot in the Rebellion, as he winds up with the Death Star plans and also the assistance of an elderly hermit who once served as a warrior of an ancient order whose chosen weapons were powerful energy swords known as light sabers. The pair recruit a cynical interstellar smuggler and his outsized alien copilot with an ancient freighter heavily modified for combat to help them reach Alderaan - but the planet is obliterated and now the foursome must rescue the young woman held prisoner by the Empire and lead an attack by the Rebellion against the Death Star before it can annihilate all hope of restoring freedom to the galaxy.


Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford as Han Solo
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa
Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin
Alec Guinness as Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi
Anthony Daniels as C-3PO
Kenny Baker as R2-D2
Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
David Prowse as Darth Vader
James Earl Jones as Darth Vader
Phil Brown as Uncle Owen
Shelagh Fraser as Aunt Beru
Jack Purvis as Chief Jawa
Alex McCrindle as General Dodonna
Eddie Byrne as General Willard
George Lucas

Star Wars is a film that has great social impact, a fact that has often gone unnoticed
. An omen of a change of mood within the United States,
Star Wars is one of the few films rated General that was released in 1977. When
had movies for a decade is represented increasingly dark themes (
Taxi Driver, the exorcist) Star Wars was an adventure lightly. While some
May censor the move back to swashbuckling of social commentary, which I am concerned
welcome the fact that Star Wars has enabled families to go to movies
together once again.
I do not think that we must deny any Star Wars changed the history of film and deservedly
. At the time of his release, science fiction
is considered a dead genre with the only major Hollywood movie
recent canyon is the work of Stanley Kubrick and affected, and still fun flicks as
Logan's Run. However, no other film more futuristic Wow
that George Lucas's space opera. From that infamous opening movement, which
with amazing heart pumping scorecard at the end credits, people
seized and hope that their heroes had grown to know these two hours
pre could leave alive. While George Lucas did give his Jedi Knights
more adventures, I do not think any of these sequels and
certainly not the prequels have succeeded in approaching the
original Star Wars that virtually defines the baby boom generation.
Watching the movie again recently, I am still impressed by the enormous power of
the film and the fact that even after thirty years after its release,
it gets me more excited that the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Sorry,
Michael Bay, but you're not George Lucas, that's for certain.

After two droids crash-land on the desert planet Tatooine,
are immediately captured and sold to a young farm boy named Luke Skywalker
(Mark Hamill), which desperately wants leave the rock
lives with his aunt and uncle. While fixing one of the droids, who is a message
of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), requesting the help of
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness). Lucas believes Kenobi, a hermit who lives in the mountains
, tells Luke that his family history. His father was a Jedi knight
, murdered by the evil Darth Vader and Kenobi decides now is
time to teach the path of the Force. After Lucas is his family home destroyed by
IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER in search of the two droids,
decide to find their way to another planet. They seek the help of
space pirate Han Solo (Harrison Ford) who decides to give them a lift. Turning
the way, they find the Death Star, a giant space station led by Darth Vader
, with the ability to destroy any planet in the solar system. Now,
must enter the Death Star, to find and rescue the princess and
destroy the station before more damage occurs.

George Lucas has been criticized for its lack of direction called
and screen writing, but I do not think that most people can deny
Star Wars that packages an average drilling in terms of solid entertainment.
While Star Wars is playing, all eyes are on the screen
savoring every delicious moment, whether it was a fantastic duel lightsaber or a quiet
scene between Luke and Obi-Wan. The visual effects (including special editions of
) are seriously some of the best in cinema history
because they do believe that the viewer is in space,
surrounded by various creatures and Ships flying. Lucas has received a
many of the negative criticism by the fact that he cree que la
updated version of Star Wars is the ultimate way to see the movie, but I do not care
. The special effects are better and certainly do to add
experience. Greedo shooting first? It is a quick, less
scene that goes such a rapid pace, which really does not count.
I understand that the carnage among hard fans are coming from, but also for the occasional
spectator, is virtually nothing. Adding to the impressive technical
delight of Star Wars and John Williams is the magnificent score, the better
in any Hollywood movie. I seriously do not believe that the film would be as highly regarded as
is, if not for the fantastic music. I
seriously probably enjoy the movie without him even less.

However, I think the lasting appeal of Star Wars has to be the characters.
All children growing up wants to be like Luke Skywalker, the young Jedi
that only wants to save the universe from its eventual destruction.
Meanwhile, the older people in the audience has the sage Obi-Wan Kenobi
concern Yoda and as shown in five other films, not old age that
Unable to remove a their capacities. Han Solo is the freshness of
Star Wars Harrison Ford and he plays with taste and enough spunk to
order of what could be a minor character
personal favorites of mine. And then there is Darth Vader, the most famous and most chilling villain character
Century 20. James Earl Jones
always be associated with this threat constantly breathing with a past of
many hidden secrets. Even IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER tremble at its root, for fear that he
force choke to death. With the exciting action,
impressive visual effects, both friendly and frightening characters and
a world full of fascination and adventure, it is difficult to go wrong with Star
Star Wars, the epic journey of our hearts and wants inside.

Download Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
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