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(comedy, romance)
Download Movie The Truth About Cats & DogsJaneane Garofalo plays Dr. Abby Barnes, the "Truth About Cats and Dogs" radio question-and-answer show host who unwittingly entices a listener over the radio with her soothing voice and personality. This listener, Brian, tries to meet the Abby from the radio, but Noelle, played by Uma Thurman, is mistaken for the real thing when Brian comes to the studio. Instead of clearing things up right away, the self-conscious Abby allows her best friend, Noelle, a tall, stunning blonde, to take her place for a while. Abby takes on the made-up persona of Donna, while thinking Brian would never go for her, a short, cute, brunette, who thinks she's unattractive. As the real Abby woos Brian over the phone and radio, Noelle, the pseudo-Abby, takes her place in the flesh. As time goes on, Abby feels more and more confident that Brian would rather have the beautiful Noelle than the simply attractive Abby.


Uma Thurman as Noelle
Janeane Garofalo as Abby
Ben Chaplin as Brian
Jamie Foxx as Ed
James McCaffrey as Roy
Richard Coca as Eric
Stanley DeSantis as Mario
Antoinette Valente as Susan
Mitch Rouse as Bee Man
La Tanya M. Fisher as Emily
Faryn Einhorn as Child Model
David Cross as Voice of Male Radio Caller/Bookstore Man
Mary Lynn Rajskub as Female Radio Caller
Bob Odenkirk as Bookstore Man
Dechen Thurman as Bookstore Cashier
Michael Lehmann

Without a doubt, my favorite play ever written is Cyrano de Bergerac,
Edmund Rostand. People can tell me is sentimental and mawkish, but I do not care
; I absolutely love. What I have seen, I believe, most if not all,
film that has been inspired by it, from the 1950 version of Jose Ferrer
(the film is stagy and change the game, but it's wonderful) ,
Roxanne in 1987, Steve Martin wonderful return to work of the work as
romantic comedy, and best of all, the 1990 version starring Gerard Depardieu (France
how appropriate the greatest actor must appear on him giving his best performance
). Now comes this movie, which is inspired by him (as I understand it
writer Audrey Wells is a great fan as well) rather than an outright
remake of the same, but it's still pretty good .

True, everything depends on a rather thin premise, that Brian (Ben Chaplin)
is unable to tell the voices of Abby (Janeane Garofalo) and Noelle (Uma
Thurman) apart. But the romantic comedies have been more outrageous concepts
before, and nobody complained about the way they were realistic (as RUNAWAY
Novi; anyone cree that one?). And changing genres,
is able to talk about how women are forced to conform to an impossible ideal of beauty
. And yet, while the message comes through comedy, so
you're not being beaten over the head.

addition, the performers are quite attractive. It goes without saying
Janeane Garofalo is terrible in his first leading role. She is fun, as might be expected
, but as she had to fight the impossible ideal of beauty
much of his career, can sense something personal to her, and she brings out without obtaining
mawkish. Uma Thurman sends up the "dumb blonde" role
without condescending to it. In addition, we like Noelle for the same reason that
as a Christian in the original, it is actually more intelligent about the love of Abby is
(when Brian said, "Plus, which has this small fault .
He loves you. "). Chaplin of course has the object of desire paper, which is
difficult to play, but he brings humor and intelligence to it. And, of course,
the dog is great.
Janeane Garofalo stars as Abby, a veterinarian who has his own radio show
. She is cultured, educated woman who is intelligent, has a good sense of humor
and makes a great life. The problem is that
their self-esteem is low because it does not find itself being attractive brunette 5'1
that once was a time, while in college had gained 40 pounds. Well, it seemed
she lost all of them and was charming if you ask me
(perhaps, is the solidarity of another brunette 5'0), but when she
developed a relationship by telephone with one of the callers,
tells that she is 5'10 "statuesque blonde who is hard to miss. The blonde
(Uma Thurman) who became his next-door neighbour,
aspiring model / actress who agrees to go on the date instead of Abby ...
may sound like cliché, and the film has several holes in the plot
but it is very pleasant thanks to superb performance and Janeane
these words:

"You know how someone can change the look and know them?
How does a person really attractive, if not like them, may become more
and uglier and that somebody might not have arrived have noticed ...
you do not see more than once, if you like, can become
the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. All they want to do is be
close to them. "

7 / 10

Download Truth About Cats & Dogs, The

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