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Download Movie White OleanderAstrid Magnussen is a 15 year old girl, living in California. Her mother, Ingrid, is a beautiful, free-spirited poet. Their life, though unusual, is satisfying until one day, a man named Barry Kolker (that her mother refers to at first as "The goat man") comes into their lives, and Ingrid falls madly in love with him, only to have her heart broken, and her life ruined. For revenge, Ingrid murders Barry with the deadly poison of her favourite flower: The White Oleander. She is sent to prison for life, and Astrid has to go through foster home after foster home. Throughout nearly a decade she experiences forbidden love, religion, near-death experiences, drugs, starvation, and how it feels to be loved. But throughout these years, she keeps in touch with her mother via letters to prison. And while Ingrid's gift is to give Astrid the power to survive, Astrid's gift is to teach her Mother about love.


Amy Aquino as Miss Martinez
John Billingsley as Paramedic
Elisa Bocanegra as Girl In Fight
Darlene Bohorquez as Prisoner
Solomon Burke Jr. as Guard
Scott Allan Campbell as Bill Greenway
Sam Catlin as Teacher
Debra Christofferson as Marlena
Billy Connolly as Barry Kolker
Marc Donato as Davey Thomas
Svetlana Efremova as Rena Gruschenka
Patrick Fugit as Paul Trout
Vernon Haas as Guard
Sean Happy as Dirt Bike Boyfriend
Cole Hauser as Ray
Peter Kosminsky

The white bay is beautiful, but their venom kills. From
social service agencies to take children from their abusive parents, but placing them in homes and institutions
where violence reigns. Ingrid Magnussen (Michelle Pfeiffer
) puts his daughter, Astrid (Alison Lohman), in the heart of its
artworks, but pushes the boundaries of their reality. Life is a contradiction
in which nothing is purely good or purely evil

White laurel is a story about the life of the contradictions and complexities
control, power, loneliness, betrayal, loyalty and love. Janet Fitch

won rave reviews in 2000 for this novel, screenwriter Mary Agnes Donoghue did
Fitch does not match the brilliance, but proved a great narrative-both in terms of content and
in a movie-size admirable plan.

director Peter Kosminsky and actresses performed Pfeiffer, Robin Wright Penn
, Renée Zellweger, and newcomer Lohman used this model to create a
gripping film that both readers and nonreaders of the text We appreciate

Pfeiffer is as cool as control and it is impressive even in jail
and his mastery of the subtleties of personality deserves praise. Hearings will

hate the character because she is too smart, too manipulative, and also

and anticipate an Oscar-worthy performance breakthrough Lohman. She
conspicuous by its portrait of a daughter who adores his mother until she realizes
the superficial nature of its beauty and cruelty of his heart
Ingrid Magnussen is not as perfect as she thinks, and his love is as poisonous as
laurel white.

some cheap movie stereotypes of wealth and the choices made to avoid a

`R 'rating sap some of its troops, but overall the film is
so sad and true as his characters.

I have one word: Wow.

I saw this movie not expecting much and was completely blown away. The
history and, above all, the act was incredible! Amazing. I am now
and will always be a devoted fan Alison Lohman. I've never seen anyone
take a character and make it more real than it did with Astrid. She made me mourn
more than once. It is amazing to see all the way
, and then across started again only to reaffirm the astonishing transformation
passing through the character from start to finish. She
not only looks different, but also its Mannerisms
are so innocent and naive in the beginning. It's incredible. I must say that I completely
angry that his act was not mentioned in any of awards,
nominations, or anything in Hollywood.

All acting was incredible. Robin Penn, Renee "Zellwegger, Michelle Pfieffer
, made all outstanding! I've never hated Michelle Pfieffer
but before she did an incredible job that someone can actually be
upset. We also loved the job ... and I'm sorry to do this, but the guy who was in
Almost Famous ... has no idea what his name is ... he did. The
love story between Astrid and he is very sweet.

As I said before I was quite blown away by this movie.
I would recommend to anyone and everyone and hope it gets more popular with time

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