27 Dresses

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(comedy, romance)
Download Movie 27 DressesAfter serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, a young woman wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the man she's secretly in love with.


Roger Dillingham Jr. as Little league parent
Jason Anthony as The Groom
Shaun Aponik as Wedding Guest
Edward Brady as Cool Bar Dude
Edward Burns as George
Josh Casaubon as
David Castro as Pedro
Kevin Cirone as Little League Attendee
Bern Cohen as Rabbi Cohen
Thaddeus Daniels as Jane's Neighbor
Sujoy De as Groomsman
Brian D. Evans as Wedding Guest
Les Gardonyi as Executive
David J. Garfield as Limo Driver
James Granville as Waiter
Anne Fletcher

Romantic comedies are almost always predictable and follow similar lines
history. I was not very interested in seeing Dresses "27". Let's Just
say it's not my kind of movie. But was not so bad. Although not exactly
are among the best of its kind,
has its own charm and this is one of the few things that make a romantic comedy
likable. Although the story is not new, McKeena offers writing some new
devices and the dialogues are very funny. Fletcher is storytelling
quite impressive as also introduces the characters and then allows the
events. Layers characters Jane and Kevin are very real. I also
, when the tracks are played by good players who have barely
tried to make films of romantic comedies in the past and achieved
Saca. Heigl Marsden and take the necessary chemistry. Both players
do a good job. Katherine Heigl reveals the depth of his character
with ease, while James Marsden is fun without going over the top. The sizzling
Malin Akerman does well as the heinous Tess. Edward Burns's
role does not require much, but he's okay. Judy Greer is bright and
she owns all her scenes. So what makes Dresses "27" is watchable
chemistry between the actors, the funny lines, the presentation of the
history, a beautiful banda sonora and its unique charm and sense of humor and
the fact that I was carrying.
Although this movie is somewhat typical, is still a breezy, light
break hearts, which is all that seems to be trying to do. You do not have
construction of formulas relatives in romantic comedies, however, knows that only
is harmless fluff and not intended to be anything else.

Kathryn Heigl is undoubtedly the strength of the film, with exuberant
his approach "hopeless romantic" always the bridesmaid
who yearns for his special day itself. The performance is playful and silly
when necessary, honest and sweetly the more serious cases now. The
rest of the cast are all good, too, the personality of collisions
various characters are generally well done. The hearing involving jokes
dresses are smart, and history is ongoing effectively.

There are weaknesses, such as ugly, with a mean spirit, and misplaced
sequence of slide show. The script could have made the point that in some
is there a better way.

Light popcorn fun. Like fast food, you will most likely not stay with you for
long, but it is good for some entertaining silliness. One thing that I
still wonder: How much diving gear back
wedding party members?

Download 27 Dresses
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