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Download Movie The Forbidden KingdomAn American teenager who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King. With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself traveling back to ancient China to join a crew of warriors from martial arts lore on a dangerous quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King.


Michael Angarano as Jason Williams
Morgan Benoit as Lupo
Jackie Chan as Lu Yan
Collin Chou as Jade War Lord
Jet Li as Monkey King/Lan Cai He
Jacky Wu as Assassin from state of Chu
Bingbing Li as
Yifei Liu as Golden Sparrow
Rob Minkoff

The Forbidden Kingdom begins in a manner that is similar to that of
Karate Kid, with Jason (Michael Angarano), the child to his new
local high school who loves Kung Fu films, but is
to defend itself against the neighborhood bullies. These same thugs force him to help
in a pawn shop whose owner is fired, but still goes through a mysterious
staff to Jason. The staff is the
of the legendary Monkey King and Jason is transported in ancient China, where
that travel to utilize personnel to free the imprisoned Monkey King. In the end Jason
must prove himself as he faces both fantastic and real life

Once in China Jason acquires several companions; Lu Yan (Jackie Chan)
drink wine kung fu master, Golden Sparrow (Liu Yifei)
a vengeance-driven young women and more afternoon a monk (Jet Li) who protect him and later
train him in the art of kung fu. Together trip to Mountain Five Elements
to try to free the Monkey King and end the reign of the Jade
evil warlord (Collin Chou) that sends countless troops to end

This film works on many levels, none too deep, but very satisfying
is no less true. First, there is a great action film with very well
do kung fu action scenes involving Jackie Chan and Jet Li, two of the largest
kung fu movie stars in the past two decades.
In the midst of all this is a lot of quite well done comedy,
sometimes not perfectly executed, but generally fun, especially during the kung fu training
Jason. Last but not least is a classic
coming of age story in which Jason travel to be a boy who fantasizes
adventure of a young man who can fight and suffer for
what is right.

This is a fantasy based on the film, so expect some magic shows and
references to immortal beings, but this is not too
fact the story is quite easy to follow. Refreshing and the film has
relatively little in the way of moral ambiguity, with villains who are really
evil and those who oppose them flawed, but human beings are still struggling to
which is right .

As to the appropriateness of the film to an audience varied
violence in this PG-13 rated film is never graphic, although
possibly disruptive for children. There is no sexual content
with the exception of an imminent assault on the implicit Jade Lord of War (
view that nothing really happens here). I saw the film in a pre-selection
with most college students whose applause and laughter
made it clear that they enjoy it, but I am a little past
college and found that only the more pleasant.

One last comment, while almost all dialogue between the main characters
is in English, there are a lot of Mandarin Chinese
that are spoken throughout the movie. In the few cases where the contents of
know this is important there are subtitles in English and I do not find
UN-translated portions to be a problem.

In general this is a film that is exciting, fun and generally very pleased to see
In gong-fu movie tradition, has long been predicted that one day
two of the biggest stars of the genre who meet one day in
screen. That day has come at "The Forbidden Kingdom", where two stars of last
and more stars of the martial arts film genre -
Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Combined, both men and career stretching over 30 years and over 100 movies in
his native China and here in the United States, it is much kung
pow-kicking and punching. Both decided to make its americas
crossovers at the same time during the 1990's - Chan's first success in the U.S.
was "Rumble in the Bronx" (1995) and became a mega-stars, because
the "Rush Hour" movies, while Li made his debut in americas
as the main villain in " ; Lethal Weapon 4 "(1998), received his first English-speaking
leading role in" Romeo must die "(2000), and obtained
critical respectability" Unleashed "by 2005.

Now, we are in "The Forbidden Kingdom." I like both stars.
My friends and I, like many other martial arts movie fans have waited
pairing this film for some time.

From this - 2008 - A teenager named Jason
(Michael Arangano) who have an obsession with the gong-fu movies is
magically transported back in time to ancient China for lost time -
staff of the legendary Monkey King (Li, one of two roles in the film),
where he learns that has been chosen to return to him.
500 years earlier, the mischievous master of martial arts
Monkey King had been imprisoned in stone Jade Lord of War (Collin Chou).

On his journey, Jason comes across drunkenness beggar Lu Yan (Chan,
one of the two roles in the film), which teaches gong-fu so that he will < br> be able to assume the Army Jade. They are also aided by the silence
Monk (Li, in his other role) and the orphan murderer Sparrow (Liu Yifei
). There is a sequence especially fun when Lu Yan and
The Silent Monk struggle over how to enable Jason to defend himself - with Lu Yan
's unorthodox methods and the Monk's more traditional approach .

"The Forbidden Kingdom" is a fast-paced and entertaining martial arts film
that keeps you watching just for the
before know-it-all/seen-it-all charisma of the star talent. With Nods
aplenty to martial arts films of yesteryear (mainly
old school Shaw Brothers movies, as well as many helpings
Taoist philosophy and Jeet Kune Do lessons from Bruce Lee), "The
Forbidden Kingdom "is perhaps what Quentin Tarantino has fantasized
so much about the film during countless outings grind house as a
impressionable teenager and later as an adult made on the screen in
his "Kill Bill" films.

however, Tarantino is nowhere in sight. Behind this production is americas
screenwriter John Fusco (the script based on the epic story
"Journey to the West", which is cited as one of the four major novels
of literature china ) And American director Rob Minkoff ( "The Lion King
"). This production, simply put, is probably the best combination of
americas-Chinese talent since "Enter the Dragon" way back to 1973. Choreographing
struggles with plenty of wire work and CGI is pizazz
Yuen Woo-ping, known for his work with both Chan and Li, as well as
"The Matrix" (1999) and "Tigre and Dragon "(2000).
It is quite impressive, although it is quite obvious that the cables are
being used in the fight scenes, not for actually from the
action as often tends to americas in office, but in reality
increases its intensity.

gave me a lot of enjoyment seeing "The Forbidden Kingdom" and
watching the magnificent grace of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Despite occasional shortcomings
script, I found this photo working
the opening credits, which is a clear signal that what was about to arrive
certainly meet the arts movies martial fan in me. For many
martial arts movie fans, "The Forbidden Kingdom" is perhaps the film
who have been waiting since the death of Bruce Lee
35 years ago.


Download Forbidden Kingdom, The
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