How to Rob a Bank

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(comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie How to Rob a BankJinx (Stahl) has coasted through life oblivious to the world around him and without a care in the world, Jessica (Christensen) is a bank employee bored by her mundane life. Their lives are thrown into a spin when they both get caught in the middle of a bank heist and are forced to arbitrate this intense situation between the thieves and the police.


Nick Stahl as Jason 'Jinx' Taylor
Gavin Rossdale as Simon
Terry Crews as Officer Degepse
Leo Fitzpatrick as Gunman
Adriano Aragon as Officer Linstrom
David Carradine as Nick
Nicolo Cole as Gunman


a "dark" comedy with weired few moments, too "new age" style of production
; hot girl (by the universal at least).

i did not feel bad at all, I have seen the best of this genre, yet there is a certain
"sweetness" that is likely to keep you on guard,
Without feeling "bored" in general (the first 5-10 minutes i found
as irrelevant), although all the action happens in and enter the
"Valuta" (Nick Stahl and Erika Christensen), the bank's main floor (with the bad guys
+ hostages), and the street in front with Terry Crews (such as

say "new era" dark comedy because there are many scenes that
suppose to be fun but technically are not as letting you think
"along The line "OK ... and ...?". But the plot keeps
reinvent itself to the point where it becomes the unfunny comic, but
even with the ability to maintain its course. basically, if desired
British humor (even if it is a Hollywood production) and
looking for pure entertainment value, this could be for you. and especially if
part of the younger generation and / or at the beginning of the average age

i found the final to be disappointing in the traditional sense and there is also some references
for Internet use that play out since
"regulaters" political agenda! Too many phone calls
involved and I think I can still see the sarcasm in itself (whether it was intended to be
commercial definitely not flat and investors
should demand their money back). actually the plot itself falls flat
well as from the "surcharge" theme has been played out many times before and much better
. the thing that keeps quiet as the film together
are crazy dialog boxes (or mostly) and the camera work.
David Carradine is a nice touch although in reality only see it once (i
recognized his voice from a mile away without looking at credit

all in all a good "progressive" waste of time. is entertains
all the negative comments I have been worrying I was in a dog, but this is a surprisingly pleasant
break with some good ideas,
snazzy camera work and editing (almost too snazzy) and a clever way of saying the
history. The film begins in part through history, and then fills in the details
as and when you need to know. you find yourself
paying special attention to find out what is happening and why and in some details
you're left wondering, who is a flaw in an otherwise good movie
. There are some holes in the plot that do not hang that
well, specifically to do with that account and that grows and if they did set
why need someone to put in a pin number
etc. All these details were unclear and appeared to be a major
plot hole, but if you can suspend disbelief that the rest was plain sailing
. of particular note is Erika Christensen. she has an excellent
screen presence as a bank robber in hot technology experts and has a credible and
playful interaction with Nick Stahl, and good chemistry
a pleasure to watch. some good lines and a beautiful dog on the bank charges
etc. I have enjoyed. There are far worse films and
that there are far worse ways to spend 90 minutes.

Download How to Rob a Bank
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