How the West Was Fun

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(family, western)
Download Movie How the West Was FunTwins Suzy and Jessica visit granny Natty's dude ranch in the Wild West. The ranch has too few paying visitors and granny may have to sell the ranch to evil developer Bart unless "somebody" can help her. The twins also find the diary of their deceased mother


Mary-Kate Olsen as Susie Martin
Ashley Olsen as Jessica Martin
Martin Mull as Bart Gafooley
Michele Greene as Laura Forester
Patrick Cassidy as Stephen Martin
Ben Cardinal as George
Leon Pownall as Leo McRugger
Peg Phillips as Natty
Wes Tritter as Cookie
Heather Lea MacCallum as Leona
Shaun Johnston as Phil
Daniel Libman as Roger
Elizabeth Olsen as Girl in Car
Jacqueline Robbins as Twin #1
Joyce Robbins as Twin #2
Stuart Margolin

This film is ideal for when girls are 10 and under which
is a good thing because what was originally meant for anyway. Although
once their children grow and see .. chances are it'll only be
like everything else that used to love watching when they were young
as Barney or zoom. The point really is that only if you like your
a girl of 10 years or less. The action, suspense, drama and comedy
is all aimed for children, not adults or adolescents. Even though it seems
fun, but this is probley just because my sister and I used to love
when we were children.

i anyway give it a 7 / 10.
This film is brilliant. Mary-Kate and Ashley are so cute. If someone
say about this movie is bad, they are wrong. this is definitely one of the
kiddies to see because I am not sure whether adults will appreciate the
plot of this movie. This is an excellent film. Anyone who watches this
will be moved by the exciting story of this movie. This is about two girls
which calls for there mother arrives at the ranch
to try and save it, but dyed mother a few years ago, so instead go.
there are mothers daily in a hut that she did the last time
was there, then save the ranch from being closed by Bart. Bart
wants to close the ranch and turn it into a theme park, but the girls manage to stop
. Please see this movie is really good

Download How the West Was Fun
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