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(comedy, drama, music, romance)
Download Movie Little VoiceAfter the death of her father, Little Voice or LV (played by Jane Horrocks) becomes a virtual recluse, never going out and hardly ever saying a word. She just sits in her bedroom listening to her father's collection of old records of Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe and various other famous female singers. But at night time, LV sings, imitating these great singers with surprising accuracy. One night she is overheard by one of her mother's boyfriends, who happens to be a talent agent. He manages to convince her that her talent is special and arranges for her to perform at the local night club, but several problems arise.


Brenda Blethyn as Mari Hoff
Jane Horrocks as LV
Ewan McGregor as Billy
Philip Jackson as George
Annette Badland as Sadie
Michael Caine as Ray Say
Jim Broadbent as Mr. Boo
Adam Fogerty as Bouncer
James Welsh as Bouncer
Karen Gregory as Stripper
Fred Feast as Arthur
Graham Turner as LV's Dad
George Oliver as Pawnbroker
Virgil Tracy as Loan Advisor
Dick Van Winkle as Money Lender
Mark Herman

A bit twisted movie about a shy young lady brutally (LV), an authoritarian

cliché come to life mother, a ball of mud and agent (of course) a little odd and
, however, type hero (?) figure played by none other than Ewen McGregor,

Little Voice is worth renting.

This film is absurd, dark, funny, dramatic and sometimes wrenching heart.

A little compassion is available largely to enjoy it. The functions
served very well by talented actors, you engrossing in its turbulent
small world.

If you like your film in front of the wall, this is the movie for you. If you prefer
only incorporate things Hollywood, stay away!
Little Voice is much more than simply a vehicle for the star Jane Horrocks

It's a very clever translation of a play to the screen, which
retains the theatricality of the original deliberately cartoon-like design and construction
shooting, and through calculatedly
great acting performances. (Anyone who has seen Michael Caine's TV master
acting in the film, consisting mainly of advice to reduce the effect of each
absolute minimum, be amused by the magnitude of its
action in this movie.)

It is a very English film, in that it shows something of oppression
decadence of an English seaside town. Scarborough is in fact one of the beautiful resorts
Del Norte, as some of the outdoor shooting of the film show, but the
buildings and interiors could have been shipped directly from the parts of Grotti
Blackpool. I could smell the rancid fat chip.

This is a fine demonstration of the power of popular songs. When LV
sings "A lot of people" in imitation of Judy Garland, anyone with any musical sense
will move. As Noel Coward said, it is strange how potent cheap music can be

Contrary to the impression given by some reviewers (not read any
film credits these days?), Jane Horrocks not sing every number in the
banda sonora. Listen to the original Shirley Bassey gangs "Goldfinger"
as Michael Caine (Ray Say) sits on betting punting
LV precious money for the concert launch in about three-legged nag. Horrocks is brave
to compete with the originals in this way, and it is far from being embarrassed by the comparison

Unfortunately, Little Voice has some annoying flaws. Like in an English sea
postal the 1930's, fat people are funny. Why? Because they're
Gordo. The pigs, actually. Roll the film when a Tubby reach a belt
Judy Garland torch song.

Horrocks is extraordinary, but all other actors in the movie to turn
top-level performances. Jim Broadbent as the owner of seeds and
nightclub comedian Mr Boo is not bright - sad, hopeless and hilarious.
Brenda Blethyn as the pie raucous and abusive mother Mari is repulsive and cruel,
but also pathetic. Ms. Blethyn artist often annoy me, but to reach the heights of
Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford - in a movie that is actually good
- is quite an achievement. Michael Caine as a clapped out agent Ray Say
ranges from the vulgarity of charm for selfishness fierce
with absolute conviction and seemingly effortless. He can not sing a note, but their punk raging
version of Roy Orbison "ended" reduction in the nightclub at the hearing
cinema, cinema and the public at the Odeon West End, you
cease stunned silence.

This film is great Guignol crossed with a postcard of Eric Gill. It
"What happened to Baby Jane", with great songs and
North Yorkshire accents. And yes, Horrock impressions are wonderful. Little Voice
is not only a star vehicle, but it is certainly a star.

Download Little Voice
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