Living Hell

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(horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Living HellAll his life schoolteacher Frank Sears (Johnathon Schaech) has carried with him a strange scar given to him by his mother before she committed suicide. The markings lead Frank to a top secret Cold War military project where an unstoppable, malignant organism is unleashed. Unaware that the creature feeds on light and energy, and moves with exponential speed, the army prepares to deploy its most sinister of all weapons - a nuclear bomb. Facing certain global catastrophe, Frank discovers his father had a diabolical connection to the creature's origin. With a ticking nuclear clock, Frank, along with the help of a hazmat specialist Carrie Freeborn (Erica Leerhsen), must confront the grim reality that only he is capable of stopping this living hell.


Johnathon Schaech as Frank Sears
Erica Leerhsen as Carrie Freeborn
James McDaniel as Colonel Eric Maitland
Jason Wiles as Glenn Freeborn
Dylan Kenin as Sgt. Teegarden
Judy Herrera as Pfc. Una Fernandez
Terence Jay as Sgt. Arbogast
Josh Berry as Torbin Struss
Daniel Beer as Tristan Sears
Vic Chao as Sgt. Kinoshita
Charissa Allen as Pfc. Aneta McQueen
Rick Herod as Gen. Kenneth Lavigne
Joshua Rollins as Kermit Shourt
Darlene Kegan as Elenore Sears
Liezl Carstens as Gayle Osterloh
Richard Jefferies

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