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Download Movie PenelopeThis is the story of a named Penelope, who is the victim of a curse placed on a wealthy family by a witch. After generations ago, a witch placed a curse on the Wilhern family that would result in the next girl being born into the clan having the face of a pig. The otherwise-normal girl Penelope is forced to endure life with a pig's snout instead of a conventional nose, which has sent many a potential suitor running off into the streets, shouting in terror. Eventually, she runs away from her sheltered existence and overprotective parents, to explore the world on her own. As she meets new friends and a potential lover who doesn't run away, she begins to discover happiness - while all the while her parents believe the only way she can be happy is through an arranged marriage, which will hopefully break her curse.


Christina Ricci as Penelope
James McAvoy as Max
Catherine O'Hara as Jessica Wilhern
Reese Witherspoon as Annie
Peter Dinklage as Lemon
Richard E. Grant as Franklin Wilhern
Simon Woods as Edward Vanderman Jr.
Ronni Ancona as Wanda
Jason Thornton as Shane
Russell Brand as
Martin Nigel Davey as Street Vendor
Michael Feast as
Christopher Fosh as Chris Casino Security
Nick Frost as Max Campion
Burn Gorman as Larry
Mark Palansky

I entered the film expecting a typical kiddie movie, I went with a
but with a great big grin on my face too. Penelope
not really deliver too in the comedy department, but what makes
is a heart-warming and the strong message
learn to accept yourself the way they are. Chrsitna Ricci did a good job as the girl
with a muzzle, that any film made a big deal.
James McAvoy, dressing American accent was also impressive as the love interest
. Reese Witherspoon shines in this film as a producer and as our friend
the snout with heroin. Generally a good cast of
act and a sweet story. The children laugh and adults can see
without falling asleep. It's a perfect Sunday afternoon treatment.
I did not know what the omprobar Penelope was, I only saw the trailer once
and seemed very strange, I just saw the poster over a couple of times
and again, not really capture my interest. But my friends and I decided to check out
and I'm really happy that I have seen. As silly
history and that is a bit predictable, it's a good movie. Majority
me tick romantic comedies because they are so predictable and
is the same formula each time, Penelope is near the same formula, but adds
a fairy tale, it's worth. It has the same moral of the story
like most movies have to accept you, but Christina Ricci did
more charming and lovable. The cast is perfect and everyone did a great job
, looked like they had this time which in this story

Penelope seems that the girl should be living the high life, a
wealthy family, a part of royalty, but his life is not perfect. Due to an error
someras his ancestor, a witch cursed one side of a pig in the next
born daughter, what happens to be Penelope who reportedly has
to marry a man of royal blood to break the curse. However, because she did not
the most beautiful face of the planet, each man goes to her, but Max, a
spy sent by a photographer, Max learns that
Penelope is a beautiful soul. Penelope escapes while to find their freedom and instead is
herself and how wonderful it really is.

Penelope is a very nice film, I was very impressed with the story,
are some things I was disappointed somewhat, as well as the manner in which only a few characters
abandoned without reason. However, I think it is difficult
adjust in a short film, still think that could have been better edited.
however, Christina Ricci was a great choice for Penelope, although the
curiously yet the ugliest woman I have seen with your nose,
she did a good job and maintained its own sake . Reese Witherspoon, small
role, but she was so charming. I would recommend Penelope, is a nice
movie and was fun to watch.

7 / 10

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