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Download Movie April Fool's DayThe new "April Fool's" revolves around a party given by two rich siblings, played by Taylor Cole ("Supernatural") and Josh Henderson ("Desperate Housewives"), for their friend (Scout Taylor-Compton of "Halloween"). Tragedy strikes when a friend falls over a balcony and dies. One year later, the teens responsible for the accident become the targets of a twisted killer who begins hunting them down one by one.


Dave Blamy as Valet
Samuel Child as Peter
Joe Egender as Ryan
R. Keith Harris as Seton Motley
Mark D. Headen as Debutant Escort
Josh Henderson as Blaine
Eric Hollenbeck as SFX Guy
David Lowe as Maintenance Man
Joseph McKelheer as Charles
George Peroulas as Master of Ceremonies
Robert Pineiro as Suitor at Debutante Ball
Edd Robinson as Party guest
Mark Alton Rose as Mr. Ellsworth
Mark Scarboro as Stuart
David Schifter as Press Conference Lawyer
Mitchell Altieri

One of the most fondly remembered horror entries los'80 's
is present only jewel that is much smarter and more fun than the average slasher film

young woman invites her beloved college friends to his house for the island
a weekend of fun, but everything goes wrong. A monster of an accident occurs,
mysterious things appear in the guest rooms, our host
starts acting strangely, and agencies are starting to pile!

With its clever combination of Agatha Christie-type mystery, son
horror film conventions, humor and extravagant - not
is difficult to understand why this movie has developed a little a fan base. Even viewers who do not
like the horror films can be found to enjoy this fun and twisted
little risk. Director Walton is right to give the film an air of mystery and
spookiness. All adding to the atmosphere is
Result beautiful music of Charles Bernstein. The film is well shot in
beautiful British Columbia.

The real highlight of this film is its well above average cast. While
there is not really known actors in the cast, all of them offer a wide
performances and bring their characters to a wonderful light and likable!
Deborah Foreman, probably in his best performance, is like a great host
Muffy. Ken Olandt Steel and Amy are great as a couple trying to solve the mystery of
everything. Clayton Rohner and Thomas F. Wilson is a joy as a joke
two friends happy. Jay Baker, Leah Pinsent, and Deborah Goodrich
are equally good in their support functions.

As the tagline, April Fool's Day is certainly a "cut" over the
rest of his class. This is a fun see if you like the genre of horror
or not.

*** 1 / 2 to ****
APRIL FOOL'S DAY has recently obtained a kind of cult status among horror film fans
. Casual horror viewers or those who are diehard gore
dogs have not been kind to this film, but it is very
possibly the most intelligent, best acted, and coolest of all 80
slasher films.

A group of college buddies company to the island home of one of his classmates
for the weekend and wind up being killed by an unknown assailant,
cree fall victim to a cruel practical joke played by one of the
students. Amy Steel (my fave Friday the 13 Part 2), Kit, the "last
girl", and Ken Olandt is her boyfriend Rob. Both are very good and
are credible, likable characters that the audience can root. Other notable performances include
Griffin O'Neal (son of Ryan), Thomas F. Wilson (Biff from Back to the Future
), Deborah Foreman, which is very good in dual role,
Leah Pinsent (the classic good girl), Deborah Goodrich (too cold as the
fox), and Clayton Rohner (the typical boy cornea). I can not think of
a bad thing to say about this movie, except that some viewers will feel cheated by
two surprise endings, like I did at first. But I appreciate the fact that
that are totally unexpected and work better than any other ending up thinking
for the film.

APRIL FOOL'S DAY It is strongly recommended to serious horror film fans and even casual viewers
. Not very bloody, but that's a plus in this case.
Notice the similarities to Agatha Christie "Ten Little Indians", that this is sort of a modern
notice. A whole lot of fun and the best damn
slasher film 80 years.

Download April Fool's Day
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