Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

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(adventure, animation, comedy, crime, music)
Download Movie Beavis and Butt-Head Do AmericaMTV junkies Beavis and Butt-head awaken one day to find their beloved TV stolen. On their adventure to do a murderous smuggler's wife (Demi Moore), they encounter an FBI agent (Robert Stack) with a predilection for cavity searches, two rather familiar looking ex-Motley Crue roadies, Mr. Van Driessen singing "Lesbian Seagull", a little old lady, and, of course, Mr. Anderson and his trailer. Can the Great Cornholio save the day? Let's hope so!


Mike Judge as Beavis/Butt-Head/Tom Anderson/Mr. Van Driessen/Principal McVicker
Bruce Willis as Muddy Grimes
Robert Stack as ATF Agent Flemming
Eric Bogosian as Ranger at Old Faithful/White House Press Secretary/Lieutenant at Strategic Air Command
Kristofor Brown as Man on Plane/Man in Confession Booth #2/Old Guy/Jim
Tony Darling as Motley Crue Roadie #2/Tourist Man
John Doman as Airplane Captain/White House Representative
Francis Dumaurier as French Dignitary
Jim Flaherty as Petrified Forest Recording
Tim Guinee as Hoover Dam Guide/ATF Agent
David Letterman as Motley Crue Roadie #1
Toby Huss as TV Thief #2/Concierge/Bellboy/Male TV Reporter
Sam Johnson as Limo Driver/TV Thief #1/Man in Confession Booth #1/Petrified Forest Ranger
Richard Linklater as Tour Bus Driver
Harsh Nayyar as Indian Dignitary


The controversial but hugely popular MTV animated series hits the big screen
in this surprising and entertaining film humorous account crazed
Mike Judge. The two dim-resourceful teenagers have their friends and
stolen television was launched to find. However, it appears that a chemical weapon of mass destruction
has fallen into the hands of torque. Now national security
is an important issue because the two go a long journey to some of the countries most famous local
. The authorities always seem to be two steps backward in this
film that has a comic's life. Interesting voice characterizations
by Judge, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Cloris Leachman and the voice of Robert Stack gold
everyone agrees with their animated alter-egos perfectly. 3.5 out of 5 stars
If you're a fan of Beavis and Butthead likes
this is not much different from the fair and is awesome! Have a good story and some great music
White Zombie and AC / DC as well, the banda sound is great! This film
must be in the top 250 IMDB I do not care what anybody thinks that this caricature
is too fun not to enjoy

Download Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
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