Blue Murder at St. Trinian's

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Download Movie Blue Murder at St. Trinian'sThe headmistress of St Trinian's is jailed, and to try and keep order, the army and the police are called in, they don't stand a chance. This time the hellcats of St. Trinian's want to get to Italy where a rich playboy wants to select one of them as his wife (little does he know what he's letting himself in for). To get to Italy in term time they have to win an essay writing competition, it's easy when you know how. In Europe they run amok and become involved in jewel theft and their normal brand of chaos.


Terry-Thomas as Captain Romney Carlton-Ricketts
George Cole as 'Flash' Harry
Joyce Grenfell as Sergeant Ruby Gates
Alastair Sim as Miss Amelia Fritton
Sabrina as Virginia
Lionel Jeffries as Joe Mangan
Lloyd Lamble as Superintendent Samuel Kemp-Bird
Raymond Rollett as Chief Constable
Terry Scott as Police sergeant
Ferdy Mayne as Italian police inspector
Thorley Walters as Major
Cyril Chamberlain as Captain
Ronald Ibbs as Lieutenant
Judith Furse as Dame Maud Hackshaw
Michael Ripper as Liftman
Frank Launder

It is not the strongest in the film "St Trinians series, but nevertheless
enjoyable for fans of the mid-50s, British comedy. There is a tendency to
antics at times, especially the scene where police are searching for the thief
diamond - a line of `raising the hacker of Penzance."

Caste is the cream of British comedy at the time. Two expressions: a young

George Cole, who came to make a career of playing Cockney spivs, and
Joyce Grenfell as Sergeant Ruby Gates. The latter is a standout performance.
Joyce Grenfell must surely be one of the best female comedians of all time
and the film is worth seeing for her performance alone.
With Miss Fritton locked in the basement of the school, and the army laying siege to the school
(with a lot of resistance), Flash Harry
abroad is the promotion of ' St Trinians Marriage Bureau "for
a rich Italian Prince. However, you have to visit the Prince as girls.
Administered to a trap in a competition which allows the school to visit Rome and is in
their way. But one of the parents of the girl child is a diamond thief who tries
escape capture by dressing as its director and smuggling in itself
the country, bringing the attention of the law so that the already suspect
group. No

one of the best in the series of films, but this is still a good film
Caper British, with a strong cast of British comedians on board.
The plot is thin at best and based on the fact that no one can tell the difference between the sexes
after a bit of cross dressing ... .. well, I guess I
Shakespeare did it all the time and that worked for him! Much of the
called the slapstick comedy or seeing girls fight, but there are some good lines and characters
- Michael Ripper of the working class is my favorite liftman

Harry George Cole plays well - in fact he was born to play cockney rogues
(eg Cottage to rent), they kept playing (St. Trinians) and obtained the reproduction of age < br> them (Minder on television). The wonderfully British Joyce Grenfell again is good
as Gates, while the supporting cast is rich in talent - Terry Thomas, Lionel
Jefferies, Terry Scott and Alistair Sim. Girls are a bit iffy, the
young children are clearly playing hard and little warriors, however, the
older girls (ie 16-18) are played by women in early and mid - twenty.
Are all dressed in uniform and half with leagues and shows that the use of
their sexuality for all you can get - no more than the great Sabrina.
But in today's climate where any hint of adolescent sexuality or pedophilia
sparking a frenzy of media, this feels a bit uncomfortable - no doubt
no way this fact could arrive today!

general is pleasant if basic - there are better movies, but it's worth seeing once

Download Blue Murder at St. Trinian's
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