Carry on Camping

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Download Movie Carry on CampingSid and Bernie keep having their amorous intentions snubbed by their girlfriends Joan and Anthea. The boys suggest a camping holiday, secretly intending to take them to a nudist camp. Of course they end up in the wrong place, and meet up with the weirdest bunch of campers you can imagine! Coach loads of sex-starved schoolgirls and bands of hippies all add to the laughs.


Sid James as Sid Boggle
Charles Hawtrey as Charlie Muggins
Joan Sims as Joan Fussey
Kenneth Williams as Doctor Kenneth Soaper
Terry Scott as Peter Potter
Barbara Windsor as Babs
Hattie Jacques as Miss Haggard
Bernard Bresslaw as Bernie Lugg
Julian Holloway as Jim Tanner
Dilys Laye as Anthea Meeks
Peter Butterworth as Josh Fiddler
Betty Marsden as Harriet Potter
Trisha Noble as Sally
Brian Oulton as Mr. Short
Amelia Bayntun as Mrs. Fussey
Gerald Thomas

This film is as British as fish and chips and beer.
Is also one of my personal favorites. A real treatment from beginning to end.
This movie should be seen at least once and for all, if only by the legendary
sequence Barbara Windsor doing exercises! Sid James is the
randy guy who, along with his mate Bernard Bresslaw gormless, click on
the idea of having girlfriends repressed Joan Sims and Dilys Laye
to a nudist colony to release them, but end up in a
normal family camping.

Kenneth Williams Snooty is the director of a girls' school
that, with Hattie Jacques midwife, hit on the idea of getting your
oversexed students, including a particularly oversexed Barbara Windsor
Back to nature. The lone

of the group is Charles Hawtrey, first discovered in
compromising position in a tent with an attractive salesgirl. He believes
refuge in the company of henpecked Terry Scott and his wife Betty Marsden
lively, but ends with the St Trini like schoolgirls!

A real treat and a must for fans Follow!
Rainer Werner Fassbinder once said "the potential feminization of
-creator of the movie makes an unintentional opening of the shortcomings of the moments of

subversive in terms of spectator pleasure" I think it was in reference to
Carry on Camping when he said that.

Student Film author "who recognize the contentious debate that surrounds the film
; genius, not a word used lightly, but in this case

Charles Hawtrey, once was asked whether he thought the forefront

influence on 'The souriant Mme Beudet "marked a new creative environment in' movie
noir '
and replied "forgiveness", Charlie Muggins plays an intellectual seduced by the
great outdoors. His creative staffing position is reflected in a particular
scene, where meets a young man with a cow. He said that "what is a good girl
as you do with a cow? "I'm taking the bull," she replies.
his father do that," said Hawtrey. "Oh no, it has to be the bull" answers
the girl. Here is a post-structuralist meaning that the state of
nothing is logical, could be called a representation of a kind of

surrealism that is confused to the point where nothing becomes
something, and then the circle becomes nothing new. Brilliant already.
Hawtrey exemplifies, once again, as it did in the Khyber Carry on, that his
naturalistic approach of the captive-Look.

Gerald Thomas, the director uses his mise-en-scene to
seductive effect throughout the film. His subjective camera creates scenes involving
the viewer in points of view. His set of actors, all
I think that the French 'Novelle vague "add to the stunning realism.
Without doubt the best!

Download Carry on Camping
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