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Download Movie KennyFrom the biggest festival to the smallest church social, Kenny Smyth delivers porta-loos to them all. Ignored and unappreciated, he is one of the cogs in society's machinery; a knight in shining overalls taking care of business with his faithful 'Splashdown' crew. Follow Kenny as he tackles every septic challenge that comes his way, culminating in a pilgrimage to that Mecca of waste management, the International Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Nashville Tennessee - or as Kenny affectionately calls it, "Poo HQ". With fly-on-the-wall honesty and wit, 'KENNY' lifts the lid on one of Australia's roughest diamonds as he juggles family tensions, fatherhood and sewage with charm, humour and unflinching dignity. "It takes a certain kind of person to do what I do... No-one's ever impressed; no-one's ever fascinated... If you're a fireman, all the kids will want to jump on the back of the truck and follow you to a fire. There's going to be no kids willing to do that with me. So, I don't do it to impress people - it's a job, it's my trade, and I actually think I'm pretty good at it." - Kenny Smyth Part philosopher, part comedian and all heart, KENNY is living proof that in sewage, like life, the best will always rise to the top.


Shane Jacobson as Kenny Smyth
Travis Golland as Pumper 1
Chris Davis as Pat
Alf Scerri as Alf
Hayley Preusker as Hayley
Saxon Fuller as Pumper 2
Thomas Uerata as Pumper 3
Kevin 'The Captain' Roy Ogston as Pumper 4
Glenn Preusker as Glenn
Kevin Roy as Pumper 5
Craig Carter as Radio DJ
Pete Smith as Radio DJ
Adrian Atkinson as Air Show Manager
Mark Robertson as Robbo
Kevin 'Matey' Lee Ogston as Pumper 6
Clayton Jacobson

While in Australia I was advised to see this movie because
had been so well received by viewers in Australia that many people were
wishing to know more about Kenny. What is it? Exactly, where he
live? ... and such!

has fascinated me all the time with Kenny. Shane Jacobson
is as honest in his role as Kenny Kenny is how to cope with their lives. His
interaction with each character is consistent humble, kind, patient and
simply inspiring.

Who knew that porta-Pottier could be so serious. This
increased my respect for people who make this kind of work, while
me entertained.

writers and directors and actors did a wonderful job of making me
care about this great and kind, capable of embracing the man. I expected a lot from what had
"get girls" in the end. I am glad that gave us closure on this issue.

was glad they saw this movie. It umentary model at its very best
! And then add to that wonderful, warm and positive Australia
zest for life ... becomes a "must see" in my book!
Very funny and very Australian. Kenny has many fun things to say and
has a great outlook on life, highly recommended. The sense of humor
may be too much for some Australians americas tastes, but I am sure that the British
definitely taking this character Kenny and the other slightly oddball
but very realistic, the characters who inhabit in the film.
The mockumentary style approach works very well, possibly to the point
that if I did not know was that the actors portraying the characters,
not been able to tell the difference. The character of Kenny
is largely a typical man working class, just going about their business
cleaning toilets, but it can be in any profession for all matters
because it is very identifiable with character. Their adventures as chronic
the movie to make interesting viewing, and for a comedy,
has some quite moving and sentimental scenes that help
expand the potential audience for this jewel of a film.

Download Kenny
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