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(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie Marple: The Body in the LibraryBBC Adaption of Agatha Christie's novel. In the small village of St. Mary Mead, Colonel and Mrs. Bantry, owner of the local manor - Gossington Hall is shocked when one morning a young lady's body is found in the library. They call in the police who soon run up against a brick wall, only finding out that the body is that of a dancer in London who the Bantry's didn't even know. But how and why was her body left in the library? To find out the truth, the Bantry's call in the help of their good friend and detective - Miss Jane Marple.


Geraldine McEwan as Miss Jane Marple
Ian Richardson as Conway Jefferson
Tara Fitzgerald as Adelaide Jefferson
Jamie Theakston as Mark Gaskell
Giles Oldershaw as Edwards
Florence Hoath as Pamela Reeves
Joanna Lumley as Dolly Bantry
James Fox as Colonel Arthur Bantry
Simon Callow as Colonel Terence Melchett
Ben Miller as Basil Blake
Emma Cooke as Dinah Lee
Robin Soans as Dr. Haydock
Bruce Mackinnon as Scamper
Jack Davenport as Superintendent Harper
Mary Stockley as Josie Turner
Andy Wilson

In 1951, Miss Marple investigates the murder of a beautiful young dancer
which was discovered in the library of Colonel Bantry in the house at
village of St. Mary Mead.

Riding high on the success of its long series Poirot (
is now in its fifteenth year), ITV have turned their attention now to
Christie's second most famous Sleuth, curiosity
English spinster Miss Marple. The quality of their franchise Poirot
has declined over the last couple of years and this latest attempt of Miss Marple
is uneven to say the least. They gave us a little amateur remake of the death
In the Nile earlier this year and this adaptation
show no sense of period detail and seems content to let the cast play as if he's weak
English pantomime in aid of the church roof fund and
Helen Mcewan's Miss Marple is not up to the level of Joan Hickson's
or even Margaret Rutherford. Aspects that are not helped by
color photograph, which is so thick that one would like to walk up the
screen and scrape some of them with a knife. As demonstrated in
death on the Nile, in this work, you'll have to wait for odd piercing
in moments like the climax when there is some genuine emotion
sample of the guilty and served a bad movie is suddenly rescued by
few brief moments. Another minor point of merit is the use of flashbacks
and encouraging things a bit, but all in all the body in
library is a great disappointment with little to commend it for that
ever when one thinks that what's most talented directors like Andrew Grieve
or Brian Farnham Poirot from the golden age could indeed with her. The movie
loyalty Christie is also questionable because the motives for murder
are totally different from the original novel.

A Murder In The Vicarage and 4:50 Paddington quickly followed, both
were even worse than this. However, the latest entry in this series
, a murder is announced, is much better with more controlled
direction by John Strickland (Stephen Whitaker not - I'm sorry!). In this episode
actors took their roles more seriously and there were also some suggestions
style of leadership. Surprisingly, this series has
proved successful enough to warrant another four episodes being made.
I can not believe how many negative comments I see here! I have read the books and
am a fan of Agatha Christie. I also have seen Hickson,
Lansbury and Rutherford embody the dotty old with the razor-sharp brain
. But there is room for Mcewan, and I think there is need for its
. Miss Marple is a wonderful creation, but after a while the
premise, and the endless little gossipy reserves and Prim teacosy-
wear a little one. That is why this intelligent re-think is so
welcome. Not only the smart move to the fifties, with its own
different, more nervous world, but the idea that Marple is not as
shockable. Take the idea that this is an elderly woman who has more than its
that meets the eye, and expand on it. Lesbians, extra-marital sex and so on should not
his shock, she solves murders! Much
have commented that there are too over-acting. But it's just that wonderful camp
high quality, fun and lure technicolour element that appears in the
original cover art book that are held here.
And for those who complain of evil Miss Marple cottage, in the decade from 1950
Britain is lean years. This is Marple with a difference, and I think
is a very welcome difference, and something that Revell in Simon Callow
arc pompousness is delicious! Joanna Lumley eyebrow-raising
and hooty laugh is hilarious! And Mcewan is subtle, detailed and
above all, fun. And why not? And get the frocks!

Download Marple: The Body in the Library
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