Sex and Death 101

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(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Sex and Death 101A guy's life is turned around by an email, which includes the names of everyone he's had sex with and ever will have sex with. His situation gets worse when he encounters a femme fatale (Ryder) who targets men guilty of sex crime.


Simon Baker as Roderick Blank
Winona Ryder as Gillian
Leslie Bibb as Miranda
Tanc Sade as Beta
Patton Oswalt as Fred
Mindy Cohn as Trixie
Dash Mihok as Lester
Neil Flynn as Zack
Thom Bishops as Malcolm
Corinne Reilly as Lizzie
Sophie Monk as Cynthia Rose
Marshall Bell as Victor Rose III
Rob Benedict as Bow-Tie Bob
Julie Bowen as Fiona
Frances Fisher as Hope Hartlight
Daniel Waters

There are a lot of profanity and there are many scenes of sex. Therefore,
not want to see this with my teenage children or my parents. However
the inauguration is in tune with the film and so is sex so it is not out
instead of everyone.

I liked this movie. I have not seen any plot holes - only
inexplicable moments - but then what in real life is totally explainable? Every day we live with
technology and social systems and those who can not explain
- so why should a film can not afford a little
this uncertainty? While all of the film makes sense - and this one really

He was credible and likable characters. I dislike is usually the male
leading flit from one woman to another, but this advantage
character was very sympathetic.

I felt so sad for him as he realized that simply can not escape its fate
. There were some very fun surprises along the way too.

Poor man! Winona Ryder is presented throughout the film as a parallel
history as a mysterious murderer. She is the darkness to play against male
slight story.

see this film as a story about how good people can be absorbed by
bad experiences and destiny, but how the true purpose and optimism
goodness will win.

It's a beautiful film to see if you want some laughs, and a gentle but
interesting and surprising story. However

to Pruden.
"Sex and Death 101" tries to be so many things at once:
a romantic film, a dark comedy, a mystery, drama and a movie very philosophical
within the meaning of "Matrix" (even a room White
where existential issues are discussed). Well, as I said in the title, the film
definitely has its moments and there are quite a few interesting
significant lines in the script.

however, "Sex and Death 101" is too volatile to really succeed in
any of the genres that touches. The story takes a thousand twists and turns
. It is too cynical to be romantic, too superficial to be deep and
too erratic to fly your mind. The characters are introduced and forgotten
approximately 10-minute intervals and all the main characters' friends
just kind of disappear at the end, when Winona Ryder's character
finally comes into play. Make no mistake,
Ryder does not play a major role in the entire movie. His character seems terribly built
and forced into the script. When the whole story is finally resolved
really makes no sense and leaves you totally uncertain what the hell is
you just saw.

"Sex and Death 101" is not the worst movie you can rent, but
is certainly very strange. You do not even know who to recommend this.
fans Winona Ryder will not be happy with the limited amount of screen time
it receives. Friends of romcoms will find fault with both the amount of
rom com and in the present. To enjoy "Sex and Death 101" is likely
just have to accept the fact that you do not know what you are going to get.
And, hey, that's what kind of film is about, well, I suppose.

Download Sex and Death 101
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