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Download Movie UnearthedAn unknown creature terrorizes an archeological dig in the middle of a desolate New Mexico town.


Emmanuelle Vaugier as Annie
Luke Goss as Kale
Beau Garrett as Caya
Charles Q. Murphy as Hank
Tonantzin Carmelo as Nodin
Whitney Able as Ally
Tommy Dewey as Charlie
M.C. Gainey as Rob Horn
Russell Means as Grandpa
Miranda Bailey as Carla
Ric Barbera as Curtis
Chris Andrew Ciulla as Kelly
Jason Hamer as Jason
Jim Jepson as Ranch Hand
Mark Kelly as Frank
Matthew Leutwyler

Alien monster terrorize a people isolated from americas town.Sheriff
Annie Flynn (Emananulle Vaugier) try to solve the DVD cover case.Swedish
said a mix between Neil Marshalls masterpiece The Descent and cult classic Alien
. I say no, no, no ... all you have is common in some parts the film
found in a cave and see the monster recalled in an inexpensive way of
Alien one.I did not like that for sure, I do not give anything.To
be Firstly, just one hour a few days ago and saw the last half hour
today.Acting is not the worst I've seen already, some quite fine.Emanuelle Vaugier
made his film work good.The not afraid of parties and the monster is
silly.Last only half an hour was better than the rest of the film, but I do not recommend
it.By how Sweden Fear.I give your call Deep 2 / 10.
Officially in the top 3 worst films I've ever seen. The Lightning,
or lack thereof, is incredibly horrible, 80% of the time it
trying to find out what is happening. The plot is inane and
you never really care about anyone or anything that happens,
character development is nonexistent, and the monster is boring. For me, poor
CGI is forgivable, but everything else in this train wreck is not.

Worst of all, this film is almost as fearsome as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
. There is no good scares and nothing memorable.
Although there is a hilarious scene worth mentioning,
an explosion that blows a character back and it makes a complete flip in the air.

painful to sit through, the best part was the end.

Download Unearthed
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