The Cooler

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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie The CoolerThe Cooler is Bernie Lootz, and THE COOLER is a love story about the changing fortunes of this down-at-heels loser who has made a career out of spreading his virulent bad luck on the floor of Las Vegas' aging Shangri-La casino. When Bernie falls for a gorgeous cocktail waitress his bad luck is thrown into reverse.


William H. Macy as Bernie Lootz
Alec Baldwin as Shelly Kaplow
Maria Bello as Natalie Belisario
Shawn Hatosy as Mikey
Ron Livingston as Larry Sokolov
Paul Sorvino as Buddy Stafford
Estella Warren as Charlene
Arthur J. Nascarella as Nicky Fingers Bonnatto
Joey Fatone as Johnny Cappella
M.C. Gainey as Highway Officer
Ellen Greene as Doris
Don Scribner as Lou
Tony Longo as Tony
Richard Israel as Marty Goldfarb
Timothy Landfield as The Player
Wayne Kramer

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