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(action, western)
Download Movie Pale RiderClint Eastwood is a mysterious preacher who comes to a gold mining camp near a small town in the mountains. The miners are in grave danger as a ruthless landowner decides to take their land, with the support of the sheriff. The only one who seems brave enough to save them is this preacher who came from nowhere and nobody knows his past or his real name. Why is the sheriff afraid of him? Why is he such a good shooter? Is he really a preacher?


Clint Eastwood as Preacher
Michael Moriarty as Hull Barret
Carrie Snodgress as Sarah Wheeler
Chris Penn as Josh LaHood
Richard Dysart as Coy LaHood
Sydney Penny as Megan Wheeler
Richard Kiel as Club
Doug McGrath as Spider Conway
John Russell as Stockburn
Charles Hallahan as McGill
Marvin J. McIntyre as Jagou
Fran Ryan as Ma Blankenship
Richard Hamilton as Jed Blankenship
Graham Paul as Ev Gossage
Chuck Lafont as Eddie Conway
Clint Eastwood

"Pale Rider" is Producer / Director / Star Clint Eastwood is not the official
remake of George Stevens' "Shane" (1953). I've never heard that the
recognized as such, but the two stories are more than a little similar
. The film also features Eastwood in another variation of his
"man with no name" character, similar to that portrayed in "High Plains Drifter
" (1973).

The story begins with a raid on a small mining community by rival miners
trying to drive the residents out of their claims and take
above. Among the miners were Hull Barret (Michael Moriarity), his intended Wheller
Sarah (Carrie Snodgrass) and her teenage
nascent daughter Megan (Sydney Penny). When Megan's dog is killed
during the raid, she prays for help someone against their oppressors.

Out of the mist comes a mysterious stranger (Eastwood), whom the
Megan is reading the biblical passage describes him as "a horse death
pale horse." The strange Barrett saves from a beating at the hands of thugs
of the city and comes home with him in which he reveals himself
be a preacher. We learn that mining magnate Coy The Hood (
Richard Dysart) and his son Josh (Christopher Penn) are behind all
problems. When LaHood

including men from McGill (Charles Hallahan and the giant
Club (Richard Kiel) are unable to handle this preacher who sends for
gunslinging Marshal Stockburn (John Russell ) And his six deputies.
Meanwhile, one of the miners, Spider Conway (Doug McGrath) enters
city alone after striking it rich and be goaded into a gunfight with
Stockburn & ; Co Conway is brutally murdered in front of her two young sons after
Stockburn that tells kids to tell the preacher
meet with him on the street the next morning.

; The preacher then goes to retrieve a safe containing your hardware
and will drop his preacher's neck. He and then Barret
starting point for the city where ...... ......< br>
the character of Eastwood as in "High Plains Drifter"
seems to embody elements of the supernatural. We see the scars of several bullet wounds in
the back and at one point was recognized by Stockburn
as someone who had been killed years earlier. The son-old Megan throws herself into the
preacher (which is only 14 in history), but wisely (for the sake of
censorship), we will be easy for her to have an eye of his mother.

The comparison between this film and "Shane" is inevitable. In "Shane < br> we have in front of the squatters ranchers; here from his
powerful mining and the "tin panners." It is not the lone gunfighter
who helps the underdogs, the vicious cycle hired gun, the lonely
to be shot in the street, the bad guy who turns good and the hero who
walks into the sunset all common to both films.

Although Eastwood ' ; s Best Western, however, is enough to
wish that there were more of them.
Filmed on location in Sun Valley, Idaho, and in some esteem "Shane",
"Pale Rider" won sweeping
with magnificent landscapes and cinematography, which will be an interesting Western that helps bring
Eastwood back some of the mystique ... In 1850

California, a small group of squatters and their families find themselves terrorized by
Coy LaHood (Richard Dysart), who are standing
win the path of progress ... Desperate, he began LaHood use of violence in
an unsuccessful attempt to run the peaceful yet determined
settlers from their land ... Leading the settlers is a decent man Hull Barret
(Michael Moriarty), who dreams of a better life for himself, his girlfriend Sarah
Wheeler (Carrie Snodgress) and his lovely daughter from
a previous marriage of 14 years, Meagan (Sydney Penny).

in the lives of these strong desire walks in a village
mysterious man tall and lean with something strange in their eyes
known only as "The Preacher" (Clint Eastwood). He says little, nothing
discloses its past, but for a man who wore a clerical collar that looks like a
expert in handling weapons ... He pulled alongside the miners and gives them the confidence to challenge LaHood
even in the face of mounting violence ...

Although both Sarah and her daughter become enamored of the pale
preacher, who gently rejects his advances and makes them see that Hull
is less capable, but much better man ... There is a good scene when Spider-
Conway went to the city alone and operation of steam invited LaHood
go out and have a drink with him ... But instead Stockburn
and his deputies went to ask him to dance ...

Richard Dysart creates an all-too-credible villain, and West
veteran John Russell is well-cast as a middle-aged and their mercenaries hired
weapons to cope with a legendary hero ... This is an old score and it's time to resolve

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