Road to Bali

Download Road to Bali
(comedy, musical)
Download Movie Road to BaliHaving to leave Melbourne in a hurry to avoid various marriage proposals, two song-and-dance men sign on for work as divers. This takes them to an idyllic island on the way to Bali where they vie with each other for the favours of Princess Lala. The hazardous dive produces a chest of priceless jewels which arouses the less romantic interest of some shady locals.


Bing Crosby as George Cochran
Bob Hope as Harold Gridley
Dorothy Lamour as Princess Lala
Murvyn Vye as Ken Arok
Peter Coe as Gung
Ralph Moody as Bhoma Da
Leon Askin as Ramayana
Michael Ansara as Guard
Besmark Auelua as Lesser priest
Herman Cantor as Priest
Larry Chance as Attendant
Jack Claus as Specialty dancer
Harry Cording as Verna's father
Bob Crosby as Himself
Roy Gordon as Eunice's father
Hal Walker

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