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(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Stuck on YouStuck On You is a Farrelly's Brothers comedy about a pair Siamese twins who have their own everything but are joined at the hip because they share a liver. They use their unique gift in a means to gain acceptance and live as normally as possible within everyday life. Everything is going great until Walt (Greg Kinnear) follows his dreams of making it as a Hollywood actor, and persuades his hesitant brother Bob (Matt Damon) to go along for the ride. Hollywood may never be the same as Bob and Walt find fame, love and a new outlook on their unusual but inseparable bond.


Matt Damon as Bob Tenor
Greg Kinnear as Walt Tenor
Eva Mendes as April Mercedes
Wen Yann Shih as May Fong
Pat Crawford Brown as Mimmy
Ray 'Rocket' Valliere as Rocket
Tommy Songin as Tommy
Terence Bernie Hines as Moe Neary
Cher as Cher/Honey
Jackie Flynn as Howard
Seymour Cassel as Morty O'Reilly
Griffin Dunne as Himself
Bridget Tobin as Vineyard Cutie
Danny Murphy as Dicky
Malcolm G. Chace Jr. as Vineyard Buddie
Bobby Farrelly

In Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, added the twins Bob (
Matt Damon) and Walt (Greg Kinnear) have a successful fast food and
are beloved by local citizens. The timid have a crush on Bob May (Wen Yann Shih
), which corresponds with him via the Internet, but
not know who has a Siamese twin brother. Walt decides to move to Los Angeles and
become an actor in Hollywood. Once in Hollywood, which meet
April (Eva Mendes), an aspiring actress who lives in the same hotel and
becomes her closest friend. Walt finds a spot in a TV series with
Cher, an arrogant actress, who wants to break his contract with the network
with Walt. However, is not happy in Hollywood and
lose their small town. "Trapped in you" is a cult film, directed by the Farrelly Brothers
and having the involvement of famous people, such as
Meryl Streep (uncredited), Cher and Griffin Dunne. The story is hilarious and
was grateful to see Cher
making jokes with his behavior. Greg Kinnear has an excellent performance in the role of the Siamese
Brother of Matt Damon character. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Tie em You" ( "Connected to You ')
This proved a surprisingly effective comedy. Well, sure, you can
say that a movie that pokes fun, coupled with the twins is in poor taste, but
there is nothing malicious about him - that is, if you can believe it,

really get a sense of tenderness and the bond that has developed between the two brothers
. Of course, as you'd expect from the Farrelly brothers
, is the laugh-a-high-funny. As you might not expect, there's no
really gross humor: it is more "Hal" from "Mary". If you can not say,
I was pleasantly surprised by this film.

Gag Some highlights: Cher with her boyfriend, Matt Damon stage of fear,
Greg Kinnear in an animal costume.

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