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Download Movie This Is EnglandRoland Rat, Margaret Thatcher; Rubik's Cubes, the Royal Wedding; aerobics, skinheads... It's 1983, and the schools are breaking up for summer. Shaun is 12 and a bit of a loner, growing up with his mum in a grim coastal town, his dad killed fighting in the Falklands War. On his way home from school where he's been tormented all day for wearing flares, he runs into a group of skinheads, who against expectations turn out to be friendly and take him under their wing. Soon Shaun discovers parties, girls and snappy dressing, and finds some role models in Woody, Milky and the rest of the gang. But when an older, overtly racist skinhead returns home from prison, the easy camaraderie of the group is broken, and Shaun is drawn into much more uncomfortable territory. Based largely on his own experience as a youngster, this is Shane Meadows' most mature and fully realised film. Handling the complexities of masculinity, violence and race with sensitivity and a lightness of touch, it's hard to imagine a film that would better capture the mood of the time, or that could have any greater an understanding of the allure of being part of a gang.


Thomas Turgoose as Shaun
Stephen Graham as Combo
Jo Hartley as Cynth
Andrew Shim as Milky
Vicky McClure as Lol
Joseph Gilgun as Woody
Rosamund Hanson as Smell
Andrew Ellis as Gadget
Perry Benson as Meggy
George Newton as Banjo
Frank Harper as Lenny
Jack O'Connell as Pukey Nicholls
Kriss Dosanjh as Mr. Sandhu
Kieran Hardcastle as Kes
Chanel Cresswell as Kelly
Shane Meadows

Download This Is England
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