The Woman in Green

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(adventure, crime, drama, horror, mystery)
Download Movie The Woman in GreenHolmes and Watson investigate a series of bizarre and apparently unconnected murders, and the death of a possible suspect. The trail leads to a society of hypnotists and a mysterious, glamoruos woman. The fiendish Dr Moriarty, though reported hanged in Montevideo, is belived to be involved.


Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Bruce as Dr. John H. Watson
Hillary Brooke as Lydia Marlowe
Henry Daniell as Professor Moriarty
Paul Cavanagh as Sir George Fenwick
Matthew Boulton as Inspector Gregson of Scotland Yard/Narrator
Eve Amber as Maude Fenwick
Frederick Worlock as Dr. Onslow
Tom Bryson as Corporal Williams
Sally Shepherd as Marlowe's maid Crandon
Mary Gordon as Mrs. Hudson
John Burton as Waring
Harold De Becker as Shoelace seller
Leslie Denison as Vincent
Tony Ellis as Carter
Roy William Neill

"Women in Green" is one of many films of Sherlock Holmes
with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce appears as Holmes and Watson.
While routine in some respects, this has a a series of bizarre crimes and
some worthy opponents for the great detective.

Holmes must solve a series of murders involving each the same set of rare
details, but apparently not linked in other ways. The plot of this
time is somewhat different from most of the stories Holmes, who in the audience
knows the identity of the principles of villains in the movie, but it takes a while before we know
exactly why or how the murders were committed. After Holmes
all the figures released, must still try to catch the criminals, and there are
an exciting final sequence in which Holmes himself is in great danger

Rathbone and Bruce always make a good team, even with most of the
stories, and this is a strange enough to keep the attention in their own right.
also has a good pair of adversaries for Holmes. Professor Moriarty
is in the order, represented by Henry Daniell. The famous
Moriarty is very difficult to do justice to the film, Daniell, but it works very well, with its soft ice cream
personality and behavior. Hillary Brooke is also quite good as
his accomplice attractive and dangerous.

Although not one of the greatest films of Holmes, "Women in Green" is more of the features that
Holmes fans look for, and must not disappoint them

Sherlock Holmes matches wits with the woman in green, an infamous
women who may be involved in a string of horrific murders

Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce return once more to the functions for which they were
most famous - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective
of Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr Watson.
Although the film is short on emotion and definitely could use a more
satisfactory climax, Rathbone and Bruce are never dull, perfectly portrays Holmes'
superior intelligence and the kind of bumbling Watson.

One of the most enjoyable aspect of the films Holmes is the occasional
vivid characterization provided by very good support to the players. One of the best
was Henry Daniell, whose soft voice and air of ominous
complexity could be as valuable in a mystery drama.
Had previously appeared in the series twice, but this was the first time that
would play the Napoleon of Crime - Professor Moriarty. Daniell of the
Rathbone scenes approach with something very special, unfortunately, the
script does not let them go far beyond.

In the title role, charming Hillary Brooke never loses his cool ice cream.
His best moment comes in stride, as it is using its prowess more hypnotic
Holmes. It also adds to the fun are Paul Cavanagh as a gentleman desperate,
Sally Shepherd, a set of cleaning and Frederick Worlock sinister image of a magnetic

Dear Mary Gordon returns as Mrs. Hudson. Matthew Boulton plays a robust but not very interesting
Inspector Gregson. And that is an unbilled Percival
Vivian encourage his brief role as an unbilled bit crazy
Moriarty's doctor.

This film, which included elements of Conan Doyle 'The Final Problem "
and' empty house ', followed THE HOUSE OF FEAR (1945) and preceded
EXERCISE to Algiers (1945).

Download Woman in Green, The
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