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(action, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Air Force OneThe President of the United States is on a journey home after making a speech in Moscow. But on the journey, Russian hi-jakers take over the plane, disguising themselves as newspaper reporters. They want the President to ring Moscow and release General Redek. But they think that the President has escaped in the pod. But the president is really still on board air force One attempting to regain control of the plane and to rescue his wife and daughter.


Harrison Ford as President James Marshall
Gary Oldman as Ivan Korshunov
Glenn Close as Vice President Kathryn Bennett
Wendy Crewson as Grace Marshall
Liesel Matthews as Alice Marshall
Paul Guilfoyle as Chief of Staff Lloyd 'Shep' Shepherd
Xander Berkeley as Secret Service Agent Gibbs
William H. Macy as Major Caldwell
Dean Stockwell as Defense Secretary Walter Dean
Tom Everett as National Security Advisor Jack Doherty
J??rgen Prochnow as General Ivan Radek
Donna Bullock as Deputy Press Secretary Melanie Mitchel
Michael Ray Miller as Colonel Axelrod
Carl Weintraub as Lt. Colonel Ingraham
Elester Latham as AFO Navigator
Wolfgang Petersen

In cliches, but very interesting film with a two-fisted President of the United States
(Harrison Ford), literally taking on terrorism in itself
aboard his jet, Air Force One. Credible? Of course not, but
is a story that keeps you hooked and involved in all the way.
Could have been cut down, to be sure, but better-than-average action scenes
to contribute to do so. While not flagrant, the film has
is typical liberal bias in Hollywood with political correctness
abound .... to make them aware of this. Bordered by sexism and racism and reverse
there is a fair share of profanity here if
concerned about that.

The sound on the DVD is enormous, with an excellent rear speaker
action. It would be a great demonstration model for anyone
surround sound system. It adds measurably to the enjoyment of the film. If you like
action and a lot of tension, this movie has it. It is one of those films that you
carried out by the end of it!
This film is intriguing in that it actually portends some of the
terrorism carried out in the tragedy of 9 / 11.

That said, the film is fatally flawed with
stupid and ridiculous contrivances to do is more than a comic book thread be
of sophistication, for example, a novel by Tom Clancy.

High in the "oh come to get!"

1. All White House PressSecretary would be too cunning to leave a
self-described television journalist in Air Force One (AF1).
The first thing to do is check the credentials of a journalist and
publication or broadcast recording.

2. The spectacle of a 747 jumbo careering through an airport in a
aborted landing is simply light years beyond absurd.

3. Why AF1 have a stash of assault rifles enough to hold more than one
small country? And with all the gunplay in the passenger cabin
there is not a bullet hole in the fuselage?

4. I have a good authority that Air Force One has
countermeasures, but putting the president in an escape pod - although
crucial to the plot - just inane. That is the last thing that * *
would with the U.S. the President 30000 feet

5. The same is ridiculous the idea that more conveniently has AF1
parachutes aboard the Titanic who had life preservers. Just as silly
is the image of Washington bureaucrats easily jump off the plane at 15,000 feet

6. I've been in an open, light 747 fuselage, no
almost as much room as shown in the cargo deck. There certainly is not
room for a cargo deck vending machines?

could go on and on, but this film is another example of filmmakers
believe that films are attending the gullible enough to swallow any height
history for the sake of lots of Vaccines for action and melodrama. If you've
going to concoct an action drama story like this, at least have one foot in reality and
verisimilitude, or otherwise call it "science fiction".

Download Air Force One
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