Between Strangers

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Download Movie Between StrangersToronto, 2001. Three women in spiritual crisis. In secret from her dismissive husband, Olivia draws what she sees in dreams. Catherine, a world-class cellist, has abandoned her husband and daughter to hunt down her father. Photojournalist Natalia, in her famous father's footsteps, scores her first Time Magazine cover, but realizes she has paid an incalculable price for the photo. Olivia has another secret besides her art; Catherine makes discoveries about her father; Natalia receives a gift that's undeserved: these complications push each woman in a new and unexpected direction.


Sophia Loren as Olivia
Mira Sorvino as Natalia Bauer
Deborah Kara Unger as Catherine
Pete Postlethwaite as John
Julian Richings as Nigel
Klaus Maria Brandauer as Alexander Bauer
Malcolm McDowell as Alan Baxter
Len Doncheff as Grocery Store Owner
Corey Sevier as Jeb
Dov Tiefenbach as Matt
Ngozi Taymah Armatrading as Angolan War Child
Alex House as Kevin
Noam Jenkins as Rogelio
Sydney Pearson as Little Girl
Andrew Tarbet as George
Edoardo Ponti

Among strangers said little
connected story of three women, all those who have lost an important aspect of her life and
opportunity to confront his old ghosts.

The three women are served by three ages of woman, Mira Sorvino, Debra Unger
and, finally, the eternal Sophia Loren
deliberately looking dowdy. They are supported by a cast of some power players in Europe, representing
movies where finances met presumably
-Gerard Depardieu (France) in an almost cameo appearance, Klaus Maria Brandauer
( Germany) as an ambitious photographer father, Pete Postlethwaite (UK)
as a bitter ex-runner.Add to Sophia (Italy), Mira (USA) and
Debra Unger (Canada), others, and this film should take greater expenses
airfares than any other cost.

It is the second film by Edoardo Ponti, son of Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren most famous
. Never allowed to get in the way of history and directs his son
without gloves.

also wrote the screenplay and, as a second film, which achieves
well with a story that moves along, allowing us to know and empathize with the characters and
care what you happens.
"Firstly all the time" .. Sophia Loren is the closing statement in the film.
An appropriate statement that certainly mirrors Edoardo Ponti
debut film, his first feature. The film: technically flawless (
very well
shot), and deeply moving story, and obviously a big vote of confidence
the presence of his outstanding cast. Sophia Loren,

in his legendary performance as she is as a person, has much to celebrate on this

film; his 100th and his son, first, a demonsration of success for both
Mother and son in terms of performance and talent to make a film that

has been written and directed very bravely. "The first time around "?...
well then ... Bravo!

Download Between Strangers
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