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Download Movie PhiladelphiaAndrew Beckett, a gay lawyer infected with AIDS, is fired from his conservative law firm in fear that they might contract AIDS from him. After Andrew is fired, in a last attempt for peace, he sues his former law firm with the help of a homophobic lawyer, Joe Miller. During the court battle, Miller sees that Beckett is no different than anyone else on the gritty streets of the city of brotherly love, sheds his homophobia and helps Beckett with his case before AIDS overcomes him.


Tom Hanks as Andrew Beckett
Denzel Washington as Joe Miller
Roberta Maxwell as Judge Tate
Buzz Kilman as Crutches
Karen Finley as Dr. Gillman
Daniel Chapman as Clinic Storyteller
Mark Sorensen Jr. as Clinic Patient
Jeffrey Williamson as Tyrone
Charles Glenn as Kenneth Killcoyne
Ron Vawter as Bob Seidman
Anna Deavere Smith as Anthea Burton
Stephanie Roth Haberle as Rachel Smilow
Lisa Talerico as Shelby
Joanne Woodward as Sarah Beckett
Jason Robards as Charles Wheeler


There is a moment in the film in which awaits me in his capacity as
eyes and cree que Tom Hanks was actually gay. The commitment
their performance is monumental. The film is an episode of "The Practice"
and not necessarily one of the best but I feel too happy if I put
"Philadelphia". Never fails to bring tears to my eyes. I loved
Hanks in part because they had believed in him completely. The smelter
Joanne Woodward is a stroke of genius. What
extraordinary actress. His brief but largely perfect, moving, beautiful image
adds layers and layers to his character Hanks. We
complete our understanding of him because of it. Denzel Washington is great fun
clock and he is as good as I have not warmed to him. There
something that confuses me. Convincing "training day for" Little
convincing in "The Preacher's Wife" Banderas is beautiful even if
difficult to imagine a "Law of Desire" scene with Tom Hanks.
I am sure that a little more clarity about their relationship might have
lifting of this good film into a great one, but probably would not have
made as much money. I'm not sure if I made myself clear, I am recommending
the film. I am, the repairs are all mine. Do not pay attention.
Hanks in his phenomenal best, Joanne Woodward and Bruce Springsteen.
Of course I recommend it.
Philadelphia is a truly amazing film and a touching story.
Tom Hanks plays a lawyer who has been ravaged by a terrible disease.
Plays a convincing role of Andrew Beckett, a man who knows the meaning of justice
and knows exactly what your rights are. What Mr Hanks also achieves
with this paper breaks free from the stereotypes that society has issued
in the middle homosexual. Andrew Beckett female is not in any way, it does not have a
style of shoes to go shopping or hold her arms limp-wrist
or speak with a lisp. For these reasons, it has been said that Tom Hanks was not
credible as a gay man. I strongly disagree. Andrew Beckett is a normal
the man who enjoys smoking cigars and takes joy in the law.
Who thought he was gay? This is precisely the point that the film is trying to do.
A gay man can walk among you, every day you can see it in school, can play raquetball
with him in the gym, can work late hours with him in the
office ... but one suspects that is not gay because they do not wear loafers
decorated with tassels and has a low tone of voice. Men are men,
either gay or not, and should be treated as such -
gays do not deserve special treatment, but they deserve equal treatment. Because in most areas,
gay men are like straight men. I congratulate Tom Hanks
to show the world that gay men can be as manly as any other.
His Oscar was well deserved and the film is incredibly pioneer.

Download Philadelphia
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