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Download Movie Around the BendFour generations of men who haven't seen each other in years are suddenly brought together by the chance to uncover the truth about their family's past. It's a journey that takes them out on the road to a world full of surprises - some comic, some dramatic, and all of them personal.


Michael Caine as Henry Lair
Jonah Bobo as Zach Lair
Josh Lucas as Jason Lair
Glenne Headly as Katrina
Christopher Walken as Turner Lair
David Eigenberg as John
Robert Douglas as College Student
Carlos A. Cabarcas as KFC Counterman
Gerry Bamman as Albert
Jean Effron as Albert's Mother
Lily Knight as Tiffany's Saleswoman
Rick Negron as KFC Manager
David Marciano as Detective
Norbert Weisser as Walter
Laurie O'Brien as Ruth
Jordan Roberts

This movie was definitely true to life. It has made him laugh, you made
mourn and that made you think. And wow, what cast. Michael Caine,
Christopher Walken, Josh Lucas and Jonah Bobo bit (
see big things from this child in the future).

You can see indifference in the right way when Jason (Lucas) calls his grandfather
(Caine) and separated from his father (Walken)
their first names. Grandfather Henry's joy with the return of his son and Turner
the family together again is short-lived when he announces his son
only stay the night. Determined to bring the family back together,
he plans a 'burial' journey that all family members, his son and his grandson
and his great-grandson, must participate as in terms of their will. This is
where the road begins to discover.

If someone has had family situations that need to be rectified in order
to bring the family together, this movie will surely put
the spark in your heart to do so.
I was the composer in this film, and while I acknowledge that fact
May stain as I blindly partisan in his name, yet I must say that

A) I've never seen a public responds with such obvious affection and warmth toward
everything I have worked, (even my
terminal unemotional engineer, who actually cried, something we never expected to
a million years that I saw, and I doubt that

YB) ... Just give it a try. If you hate that, so it blew
20 U.S. dollars and a couple of hours. feel free to send me an email unpleasant, and if you make a case
persuasive enough, maybe I personally Restitution 20. I doubt
shall. This is a wonderful film, made by the type of person and
for the types of reasons for which we must all support, if we care at all
about what we do, and how it affects people. And I mean the people, not
industry professionals. See it with a civilian audience, as a human being
be, and you will be rewarded. This is a splendid film, and Walken
is impressive, and this is one where you just have to take the big city
critics with a grain of salt. This film was not made for them. This was not done
professional opinion formers. It was for you.
And yes, I could be, but I do not think so.

David Baerwald

Download Around the Bend
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