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(action, adventure, crime, fantasy, thriller)
Download Movie ElektraJennifer Garner returns as Elektra, a lethal synthesis of grace and power with the mystical power known as Kimagure: a limited ability to see the future. She has purposefully severed all ties with the world and lives only for her next assignment. Elektra's latest job forces her to make a decision that can take her life in a whole new direction or destroy her.


Will Yun Lee as Kirigi
Jennifer Garner as Elektra
Goran Visnjic as Mark Miller
Kirsten Prout as Abby Miller
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Roshi
Terence Stamp as Stick
Natassia Malthe as Typhoid
Bob Sapp as Stone
Chris Ackerman as Tattoo
Edson T. Ribeiro as Kinkou
Colin Cunningham as McCabe
Hiro Kanagawa as Meizumi
Mark Houghton as Bauer
Laura Ward as Young Elektra
Kurt Max Runte as Nikolas Natchios
Rob Bowman

*** This contains many, many saboteurs, that does not matter, because
Everything is so evident

*** Oh my God, Where do I start? Well, here - this is the first time I have ever
returning home from a movie and said that "I have to get on IMDb
and write a review of this now. It's my civic duty. "This is the evil of this

begin digression * * But let me state one thing before you start. I am not certain
Harvard-great-art-film-noir-weenie (in fact, I went to college
at the other end of the Mass Ave in Cambridge, one of which
real intelligent people without rich daddies and trust funds go,
that I must put squarely in the
nerd-that-be-obsessively-love-comic-book movie census group, and
I still hate this movie ...). : My preference is that the highbrow
cinematographic work that includes Die hards, Bond flicks, employees, and
Grail. I would never had sunk the Titanic, not so much by life
lost, but what we have not been subjected to that pile of manure a
film. And the sole and only reason why I am going to see a
Snooty French art film if there is a young and often disrobed to Emmanuelle BĂ©art
. Even Maximum Overdrive gave me one of his few here at IMDb
10s, by God's love. So I'm as shallow, and coming, therefore I am not
criticize this movie because I'm looking for some level of cinematic excellence
- it's because Elektra
stinks like a three-week-old dead goat. * Digression end

OK, so there is no evil here that I must try to classify.
Here goes:

MS. Garner: One of the reasons that a man wants to see this
Shake is seeing a lot of hot JGar (I have no idea why my wife wanted to
). I think between this and "Finding Nemo", the latter was the
sexy movie. You know the red suit carrying advertising in all
freaking announcement to do? You see it in twice - once at the beginning,
once at the end. Fastidio. In the rest, basically resembles what we
Morrissey would be similar if a woman - and lots of pouting
black clothing. Which brings me to the incredible range of expression
JGar shows in his act - ranging from "pouting" all the way to
"pouting and crying." Oh my God, you cree being forced to
dated Ben Affleck or something awful like that. Um, wait ...

the bad guys / GAL: These results show about the same range of expression and
ability to act that you'd expect a slightly over-grapefruit. At least
alongside JGar performance, not stand out too badly.
A boy's role is to be there and be huge, another is the position
and some things have come out of it, and the role of women is to stand there and breathe through
and / or the kiss of people. They manage to pull off these
incredible feats. The main bad has the harder role of
everything - he has to simultaneously) seem angry and b) are in Asia. The
do a good job of this. I think there was fifth bad / gal, but my brain
is beginning to block off parts of this film in self-defence.

Plot twists! This film has about as many surprises as
a speech at the Democratic National Convention. Only it must be this way - my wife,
that has only been in the U.S. for half a year and speaks only a small amount of English
- whispered to me when the girl first appears in
JG of the pad, and I swear to God I am not doing this: "She go home < br> to kill girls. And father too. "And this is before the Father
has appeared on the screen. Now my wife is not stupid, but she is not being courted by Mensa
of their gifts, either, and has had exposure to zero or
Daredevil comics genre. And she was featured in this
.00015 seconds with no prodding and no prior information. Such is the blatant
evidence for this movie.

rarely seen before stupidity! OK, so this big dude in the film.
he can take a shotgun blast and chestful of brush outside the vaccine as
is fluff, and he can take a fierce Electra stab in the chest and just
bend the metal (or melt - or something -- more kicking in the defenses,
thank God). But JG jumps on her head, and he explodes? An Achilles
Noggin? OK! Such is the mind-numbing stupidity of this film.

ACK. I am beginning to feel a brain hemorrhage in coming, so I have to stop
. But you have been warned. If you have intentionally bar
its own tires to prevent you from going to see this movie, DO IT. And if
Armageddon will come, please be> before <
this comes out on DVD.
As a fan of Marvel Universe I realized that I liked this movie. I suggest
people who are not familiar with Elektra, The Hand, or other aspects of the plot lines
Marvel stay away from this movie. After
knowledge of comics I was able to fill the holes in the plot and just enjoy the movie
. I liked the visual aspects of the film that includes
special effects, adjustments and Jennifer Garner. I thought that some of
the bad guys are unnecessary. It must have stuck with one or two boys
ill and spent more time defining them. What was the point of the great trial
gunshot guy? But I do not feel ripped off
after seeing the film. I got my $ 6.50 worth.

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