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Download Movie HitchIn New York, Alex Hitchen (Will Smith) is a kind of sentimental advisor, teaching each client how to date the woman of his dream. His present case is helping the clumsy Albert (Kevin James) to date the wealthy and powerful Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta). Meanwhile, Hitch has a crush on the gossip columnist Sara (Eva Mendes), who was assigned to write about Allegra. When the best girlfriend of Sara has a love disillusion with a man that Sara thinks that is a client of Hitch, she plots a revenge against Hitch and the misunderstanding leads the two couples to a conflictive situation.


Amber Valletta as Allegra Cole
Will Smith as Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens
Eva Mendes as Sara
Kevin James as Albert
Julie Ann Emery as Casey
Robinne Lee as Cressida
Nathan Lee Graham as Geoff
Adam Arkin as Max
Michael Rapaport as Ben
Jeffrey Donovan as Vance
Paula Patton as Mandy
Philip Bosco as Mr. O'Brian
Kevin Sussman as Neil
Navia Nguyen as Mika
Matt Malloy as Pete
Andy Tennant

I've seen this movie examined last night, and you know what? I like you.
For the most part, is one of the numbers "Chick Flick", but not
pretensions of being more than that, and indeed, is very good so it is

easy thing to do would be to take potshots at this film;
throwing things like 'Fresh Prince', 'get jiggy with it', and even throw
The whole design "black dude with a white dude cool 'angle, but
that's too easy right? Like shooting fish in a barrel.

No, this is a film by Wes Anderson. The humor is quite broad, although
is very much fun. Of course you will not see the drive for an Oscar (which is what
tired joke), or contain Quientin Tarantion-Esquire
innovative dialogue or visuals.

But taken for what it is, a romantic comedy, is actually very good.
Great chemistry among all potential customers. Eva Mendes is fantastic. And
Kevin James steals almost every scene is in. It gets a little sappy
towards the end (not all major romantic comedies regardless?), But
if you're looking for a date above the average film with more than a few
belly laughs, this is your movie.

A solid B +.
Hitch is about a man who knows what works with women and children who teaches
fails to do so with them some tricks of the trade. In reality, more or less
that walks through it. Hitch guarantees of success
until the dreaded 3 rd date kiss. After that, they are on their own.
Of course, Hitch finds a girl who falls and everything he
thinks he knows does not work by itself, when
following the same guidelines. The film is a well-written romantic comedy that
both boys and girls can have a fun time watching. Ideal for Valentine's Day
, I am sure that the marketing was not coincidental that was released on
Valentine's Day weekend.

Will Smith is perfect as Hitch. His performance here reminded me of a
more mature, possibly grown Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. It was the
good lecturer and was able to read any situation for himself or his clients
to make a memorable impression, it is a memorable date
women are affectionate toward their customers. It sounds a little sleazy,
Hitch, but has its own rules. Failure helps the kids who want
"Hit and quit", so to speak, only those who really seem like
love or women who are after. One thing the film is never in
Hitch what makes for a job like this, as I wonder how something like
to be worth in monetary value.

Eva Mendes plays Sara, Hitch's love interest. She makes quite a good job in his role
here. Sara is the sort of girl who is always in defense
when approached by men is, therefore, distrust of any advances. Hitch
said its good and makes his way until he discovers what is really
ago. For some reason, women tend to take offense to your

Kevin James is also perfect as Albert, a man who is in love with a rich
woman named Allegra Cole, but she does not know it exists. His
expressions of nervousness and fear are hilarious. Heck, the movie is
just a darn good. Nothing too offensive, a bad word here or there
but nothing major. I do not think it warrants PG-13 rating, but a plain old PG
should be okay for me. Regardless of their classification, Hitch
I can not honestly recommend to almost anyone and Will Smith
rarely disappoints. 9.5/10

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