White Noise

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(drama, horror, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie White NoiseWhen the unexpected happens, architect Jonathan Rivers has become a grieving widower, wallowing in deep confusion over the death of his wife. But a paranormal expert approaches Jonathan with the unlikely: the ability to hear his wife from beyond the grave. Through a form of unusual communication known as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), Jonathan will finally be able to see his wife. But in doing so, Jonathan has drawn himself into a much more complex situation when his curiosity becomes an obsession. Only that obsession will have him confront those not of this world, and some of them don't approve of Jonathan's interference with their destructive nature.


Michael Keaton as Jonathan Rivers
Chandra West as Anna Rivers
Deborah Kara Unger as Sarah Tate
Ian McNeice as Raymond Price
Sarah Strange as Jane
Nicholas Elia as Mike Rivers
Mike Dopud as Detective Smits
Marsha Regis as Police Woman
Brad Sihvon as Minister
Mitchell Kosterman as Work Man
L. Harvey Gold as Business Man
Amber Rothwell as Susie Tomlinson
Suzanne Ristic as Mary Freeman
Keegan Connor Tracy as Mirabelle Keegan
Miranda Frigon as Carol Black - Car Crash Woman
Geoffrey Sax

I recently was allowed to see this movie at a press screening.
I can tell you as a professional investigator of ghosts,
descriptions are quite realistic and credible. The characters are accurate and subject
Electronic Voice Phenomena is well represented.

This is a Hollywood-film Esquire that some things will have a
slightly larger than real life, but that in no way detracts from the believability of the film
. Has any of the things that fantasy as
"Ghostbusters" granted an audience naive.

I loved this movie. Truly. It came to me on a personal level. He
I think about some of the riskier chances of my profession.
And some parts actually made me jump in my seat!

Watch. At least twice.
For the first time I heard about White Noise when I saw the television ad. Before then
even knew existed. I watched the trailer online and
decided that I would go to see. Now is a fan of films like The Sixth Sense
, I thought that this film would give me everything they wanted. This
Michael Keaton takes him, and he rocks. Unfortunately the film does not deliver
. This was to be another Sixth Sense or Stir of Echoes, and
failed miserably. It has a very promising start, but only half
drag to repeat itself, and ends with a twist completely poor
any monkey could have figured. Unfortunately like most "Scary" movies
today se basa en loud noises and bangs to make the audience jump
. This film could have been much more. It is a pity, because
was a good idea.

Download White Noise
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