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Download Movie GuinevereConnie, an aging Bohemian photographer, meets mousy Harper, headed for Harvard Law from a high-powered San Francisco family, and immediately sees her beauty. He also guesses she has talent and invites her to be his pupil and share his bed. He's Alfred Stieglitz, she's Georgia O'Keefe, and he calls her his Guinevere. When she realizes she's the latest Guinevere in a string of ingenues, she bolts, only to return, sick of her family. She's blossoming, reading, learning, but hasn't yet taken her first photograph when he tells her they're going to L.A., broke, him drinking too much, to sell some photographs. On the trip, she finally snaps the shutter; so does her awe and dependence.


Sarah Polley as Harper Sloane
Stephen Rea as Connie Fitzpatrick
Jean Smart as Deborah Sloane
Gina Gershon as Billie
Paul Dooley as Walter
Carrie Preston as Patty
Tracy Letts as Zack
Emily Procter as Susan Sloane
Sharon McNight as Leslie
Gedde Watanabe as Ed
Carlton Wilborn as Jay
Sandra Oh as Cindy
Francis Guinan as Alan Sloane
Oded Gross as Gary
Grace Una as April
Audrey Wells

First I must say I saw this film on video since
not come here at the cinema. The cast (Rea, Polley) looked good, and I liked
The truth about cats and dogs', the only film director
Wells he had seen before. But what is a terrible loss, this turned out to be. The relationship between
"old man" Rea and his muse Polley did not seem credible to all those who
me, although at an early scenes (which turned out to be one of the only likeable
) seems to be pretty well beaten. But as the film
carried out, the story loses its promise and is getting worse and worse. Towards the end of
get increasingly annoyed with the main characters and, finally,
you realize you've been seeing a terrible movie.
A young woman who lives in San Francisco, which has just been accepted
Harvard, decided on another route after meeting and falling under the influence of
an older man, an artist in Geneva "," written
and directed by Audrey Wells. Sarah Polley stars as Harper Sloane, who lives with his
professionals, and not self-absorbed family - his parents, Alan (
Francis Guinan) and Deborah (Jean Smart) and her older sister, Susan (Emily < br> Procter). Instead of self-conscious and self-assured, Harper has allowed
their parents to plan their future - a career in law, although it is decidedly
against their own wishes. Then Susan's wedding it meets the photographer,
Connie Fitzpatrick (Stephen Rea), an artist, who quickly gains their confidence and
attracts his own to his bohemian lifestyle. She moves with him
(without their parents' knowledge, thinks she is staying with a friend for a while
), and becomes his mentor, it is their `Geneva ', and
unique demands she makes is that she `create 'something every day. The
elect their artistic endeavors depends entirely on him; photography,
painting, writing, dance. but it must be created.

Inevitably, of course, their relationship develops beyond the
guardian or protects stage, and learns some things about him that ultimately
lead to complications. And she discovers that her reign as Queen Geneva
can not be all that she had expected it to be.

Wells convincingly presents the allurement of a free lifestyle
overwhelming demands and constraints, it is perfectly understandable that the indecisive
Harper was chosen the path Connie, instead of
accede to the wishes of his parents, who are rather cold and impersonal and
completely control (especially his mother). The fact that Alan and Susan skills in
might seem less attention on Harper and Deborah
's apparent lack of real concern to Harper, describes the ease with which
Harper is capable of Indeed their plans easily. And even though Deborah
discovers that what Harper is up (which, of course, was inevitable), it seems
to take as a personal affront more than anything else, and is content with merely
in denigrating the relationship that her daughter has entered, even
instead of trying to change, which apparently at least, would
adequate reaction of a father worried.

Polley is cast Harper as well as physically and emotionally capable of
Harper's perfectly fit the profile, and she gives a credible performance, though unassuming given
their shape and appearance rather nondescript, said Connie
more about what you do about it. And what has already been able to deduct
Connie about their quest for Harper is more
stressed during a scene in which Deborah is facing him with their views on the situation
(which is possibly the most powerful scene in the movie).

Rea is perfectly cast as well, affecting a patient, so reserved, with a weariness
touched almost forlorn evocative of a certain
wisdom of the attitude that the world does Harper's attraction for him
credible. And as the story develops, very subtly lets you see more
of what is below the surface until the end, you have a concise
image is really Connie. This is a fine, understated performance, and
a good bit of work Rea.

In a supporting role that requires mention, Jean Smart gives a steaming
performance as Deborah, a woman seemingly insatiable needs
and an overwhelming desire to dominate. And Smart plays perfectly, the
see in your eye to tell how it carries itself with what most
his screen time is limited and Deborah of the most memorable character

The supporting cast includes Gina Gershon (Billie), Paul Dooley (Walter),
Carrie Preston (Patty), Tracy Letts (Zack), Sharon McNight (Leslie), Sandra
Oh (Cindy), Grace A (April) and Jasmine Guy (Linda). Although not a film
with which you can get too emotionally involved, `Geneva" has its moments
and fail to maintain interest. The characters are real enough
, but that evoke a sense of ambivalence, which are not necessarily
people who are going to like or dislike. Ultimately, it's a good
film, and worth seeing - but with the possible exception of
Smart's character, there's nothing particularly memorable or compelling about it. I
this type 6 / 10.

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