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(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie Mystic RiverSummer, 1975: in a tight blue-collar Boston neighborhood, three kids are playing when one is abducted and sexually abused for several days. Jump ahead: the victim, Dave, is haunted by memories and protective of his own son. Jimmy's an ex-con, father of three. Sean is a homicide detective, estranged from his pregnant wife. When Jimmy's teen daughter dies, Sean investigates, Dave's a suspect, and Jimmy vows to find the killer before the cops. The dead girl has a boyfriend whose long-missing father has a history with Jimmy. The boyfriend's a suspect, and when ballistics turns up a link to a gun owned by the young man's father, the case breaks. In the background, wives move events along.


Sean Penn as Jimmy Markum
Tim Robbins as Dave Boyle
Kevin Bacon as Sean Devine
Laurence Fishburne as Sgt. Whitey Powers
Marcia Gay Harden as Celeste Boyle
Laura Linney as Annabeth Markum
Kevin Chapman as Val Savage
Tom Guiry as Brendan Harris
Emmy Rossum as Katie Markum
Spencer Treat Clark as Silent Ray Harris
Andrew Mackin as John O'Shea
Adam Nelson as Nick Savage
Robert Wahlberg as Kevin Savage
Jenny O'Hara as Esther Harris
John Doman as Driver
Clint Eastwood

As children Jimmy, Dave and Sean are all good friends until one day when
Dave is abducted by men pretending to be police. The escapes
after days of abuse, but is marked for life. Years later married but has remained a bit mixed
, is a former Jimmy and Sean is a police officer. When
The daughter of Jimmy is found dead, seeking vengeance - either through their own path or
Sean police work. The three old friends are carried
alongside a variety of ways.

I had heard mixed things about this movie before I saw it, but I wanted to see
in the strength of the cast and the names of the director.
The plot begins with a horrifying scene of kidnapping that, while far from a chart, has a sense
apprehension about what is very unnerving. After this movie jumps
with interest and took us into a detective story that touches
in the past and how it affects our lives today. The connections are sometimes very badly
delivery - for example, the whole affair in connection with Sean's wife is only
and there is never really understood in the context of the film. Likewise a
many of the other connections seem to be an afterthought to the main
detective story - I have not read the book but gave me the impression a lot of
which had been crowded into a short time with mixed results.

The end of the film is exposed to the uncertainty that items are mixed.
The wife of Jimmy's speech is confusing in its intent, the reaction of Sean (
both the conversation and happy "finger gun" gesture) is inexplicable - the end
seems to wipe clean the lives of these two characters, although
sorrow and loss of Dave's wife is momentous in the way they are portrayed. If the
film is strongest is in the characters - that keep the story moving and
a good mix of personalities. Sean is the least well explained, but remains
a good solid character when it ignores its sub.

Bacon is the kind of main character of the three units since the
investigation, he is given a good support Fishburne - who could fail to see how
Morpheus after about 5 minutes. Penn is a great actor but
is not a big fan of `everything in moderation 'and he gets very hammy
times. At one point in the film which is surrounded by a group of policemen
and howling at the moon with pain - if you get the DVD and freezeframe
can clearly see that Penn twins of the shirt are the actual bits bacon
because he is just a big piece of ham! For most of the film is
really very good, but at key moments intensifies so too. Much
better because of his underplaying is Robbins. His character is much more difficult
and I fear that the child will receive for this is a
nomination for best actor. Of the women, highlighting Harden.
Although his character is a bit difficult to understand in terms of motivation,
his performance is powerful. Linney is good, but it has less to do until near the end

The location is very strong - full of majesty and sweeps nice shots. The
music is a bit overwrought, as if the film music needed to make the
emotional for the job. The only thing that bothered me is that Eastwood
clearly sees this as his next Oscar - is a worthy, and depressing film is filled with worthy
/ grand shooting with intent to be sufficiently dignified for the
Oscar. I did get the feeling that his heart was as much in coming
the Oscar as it was in making a film for its own sake.

In general this is a quality film, but it is a film of poor quality. It aspires to
much - but much of what he wants is just beyond their reach. It is worth
see how a film driven by good pint of great characters
very good players.
Most murder mysteries go the way of releasing tension and a mounting
sense of danger and suspense as the plot from the murders in
it reveals false clues and a more sinister plot just below
waiting to be discovered.

Clint Eastwood's thriller is a direction completely different: whereas
the identity of the murderer is still at the center of history and
is shown in almost surprising - but plausible -- Sequence, this is more
a powerful character study of three friends joined the children
united by the same horror of a life extinguished. The three actors perform their duties
their own - Sean Penn is intense and quietly
devastated, Tim Robbins is, ultimately, through broken man
circumstances not of their control that still relive their own
tragedy every day, stoicism and Kevin Bacon plays a detective who also has some
relationship issues of their own.

If there is a weakness in the film is how women are
in writing. While Marcia Gay Harden best prices in its portrait of a
housewife who discovers what she cree
be a deadly secret involving her husband (Tim Robbins), Laura Linney, while maintaining strong
in his own paper, is a bit far and signed his sudden change
the end is a bit inexplicable despite cooling and recalls
Lady Macbeth of speeches to Macbeth.

be very bleak on the notion that some people never learn from
mistakes they make in life and how those mistakes again
rip their lives apart in the most subtle of ways, one of the most emotionally
dark films of 2003 and fully deserved their Oscar wins
(for Best Actor and Supporting Actor, a feat repeated in this years Oscar
for 2004) and Nods.

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