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(crime, drama, mystery, romance, thriller)
Download Movie In the CutFollowing the gruesome murder of a young woman in her neighborhood, a self-determined woman living in New York City—as if to test the limits of her own safety—propels herself into an impossibly risky sexual liaison. Soon she grows increasingly wary about the motives of every man with whom she has contact—and about her own.


Jennifer Jason Leigh as Pauline
Meg Ryan as Frannie
Micheal Nuccio as Frannie's Young Father
Allison Nega as Young Father's Fiancee
Dominick Aries as Attentive Husband
Susan Gardner as Perfect Wife
Sharrieff Pugh as Cornelius Webb
Nick Damici as Detective Rodriguez
Heather Litteer as Angela Sands
Daniel T. Booth as Red Turtle Bartender
Yaani King as Frannie's Student
Frank Harts as Frannie's Student
Sebastian Sozzi as Frannie's Student
Zach Wegner as Frannie's Student
Mark Ruffalo as Detective Malloy
Jane Campion

I did not expect much from a "non-comedy" Meg Ryan movie. That watched
frankly, because I am a Mark Ruffalo fancies. I was rewarded in both
account. More explicit than expected, but Mark gives me more ...

I think this movie made more than Meg Ryan more than a dozen romantic comedies
. She showed some gumption to keep acting in good
place, I hope.

Mark Ruffalo is reliably charismatic, but not enough:
time in 'Collateral'. They were both very open to nudity, but I suspect
Meg Ryan did not do all of it. Nevertheless, this is a very satisfactory
movie and recommend it to anyone, fans of him or her.

Deary me, some people are angry when a film is not what we want is
right? How dare the film that what the film-makers set out to do,
rather than what someone from the narrow expectations that must dictate b?

Fancy In the Court is sandy, seamy, sexy and very disturbing ...
just like all the publicity (and ranking) warned us that it would be. What
shock. How people were expecting another Piano, or Meg Ryan
Find True Love Again never be found in the cinema?

As for those who have said they have walked out completely indifferent ...
either be aliens or robots, or are fooling themselves, not wanting
to recognize the truth of what I've seen on the screen.
I have rarely seen a film that examines how truly the dark side of our sexual impulses. I
withdrew quite shattered, and vague around one of DAZ
at the same time.

Meg Ryan completely miscast? Ridiculous and insulting. How dare you tell a
actress has to be Little Mary Sunshine for the rest of his life. And she pulls it off brilliantly
. She and Mark Ruffalo to lead
most impressive performances for a long time. Why? Because we are playing real
several layers of people. Not Goody-good or bad-baddy.

He did not like any of the characters? You must have a very limited range of
known, or do not like real people know what makes
. Police

not exciting plot? It is true that there is no point in the strongest
film, but has all the shocks and surprises (and most seemed
gore enough for the modern audience), and while the revelation of the
murderer is not the largest ever ending twist, the last shot of making
his breath away.

And anyway, Campion, while the manipulation of gender competent thriller,
being used as a means to explore sexuality. And the attraction. And how much love
involves physical, carnality, confidence, the desire to dominate, the desire to be dominated
, and above all, the attraction of danger. Yes, adults
things, not usually addressed in movies.

I think it's his best movie ever (possibly with the exception of Sweetie), and I
9 out of 10.

Download In the Cut
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