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(action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie ShaftCool and deadly NYPD detective John Shaft arrests Walter Wade, Jr. in a racially-motivated slaying. The eye witness disappears, Wade jumps bail for Switzerland, and Shaft is livid. Two years later, Wade returns to face trial, confident his father's money and influence (and racial politics) guarantee an innocent verdict. Shaft looks hard for the witness, so Wade wants someone to kill her. He turns to a ghetto drug king, Peoples Hernandez, who's willing to kill for money, use Wade as a route to rich drug customers, and shaft Shaft. Can Shaft find the witness, convince her to testify, and shepherd her through the hail of bullets that Peoples is sure to let fly?


Samuel L. Jackson as John Shaft
Vanessa L. Williams as Carmen Vasquez
Jeffrey Wright as Peoples Hernandez
Christian Bale as Jr. Walter Wade
Busta Rhymes as Rasaan
Dan Hedaya as Jack Roselli
Toni Collette as Diane Palmieri
Richard Roundtree as (Uncle) John Shaft
Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Jimmy Groves
Josef Sommer as Curt Flemming
Lynne Thigpen as Carla Howard
Philip Bosco as Sr. Walter Wade
Pat Hingle as Hon. Dennis Bradford
Lee Tergesen as Luger
Daniel von Bargen as Lt. Kearney
John Singleton

While the trailers and trade this movie did see
really good, this movie is itself a POS that is openly racist against whites
people and the plot itself is nothing more than African American < br> revenge. Samuel L. Jackson 's role increasingly worse.

1) The villain is a loser white guy around the world, along the
whole movie, hated and pushed around, whether the common drunkenness in the
Bar, his father or his partner in crime. In one scene, a black man enters the bar
(with a bunch of white chicken sycophants no less) and around the world
applause for him. Then our villain white guy makes a vague
racist remarks and around the world, I mean, everyone in the bar, he
boos and try to calm the black guy whose been insulted. There is nothing wrong with
but thus its been portrayed in the film is so little subtle, so it is ridiculously
explicit and deliberate. Then the black guy approaches
the white man, almost as if hes going to beat him, instead
makes two holes in a napkin and puts it on the white guys in the head as KKK! Yuk Yuk Yuk
. Then around the world, I mean, the whole world once again begins to laugh so hard
and cheering for our black hero for his very innovative
back in the white racist. The white villain is so humiliated that kills the
guy black and absconds.

2) beats axis until the villain's ass white and leads him to court. Bad boy
used influence to get bail. Everybody, I mean each and every freaking
one that can be seen, shouts and boos in disappointment. Shaft
resigns shamefully by throwing his badge to the judge.

3) The rest of the plot is about axle trying to locate an eyewitness,
brotha style, beat the white boys along the way.

4) The white man was shot in the black by the end of martyr's mother. More
attempts at drama ido wrong.

'm not even white myself, but this movie is so explicitly racist
any person of any race that seems an absolute shame to see. All
the drama of blaxploitation is as false and hypocritical so that makes me want to puke
. There are no redeeming qualities about this movie.
The action sucks and dialogue, trying to be badass,
is absolutely embarrassing. One of the worst films ever made.

0 / 10 stars.

Download Shaft
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